A woman in Polk County was arrested last week after she took her ex-husband’s firearms to the Lakeland Police Department, court documents show.

According to an affidavit, Courtney Irby went to Lakeland police on June 15 to turn in Joseph Irby’s weapons.

She told police, “Well he was arrested yesterday for trying to run me over with his car,” the report shows.

Officers said Courtney Irby admitted to entering Joseph Irby’s apartment without permission and taking the firearms.

When questioned by police whether she “committed an armed burglary,” Courtney Irby told police that she did because Joseph Irby “wasn’t going to turn them in so I am doing it,” according to the report.

Court records show Joseph Irby was arrested on June 14 and charged with domestic battery.

Police said Courtney Irby told them: “I did not even know where the guns were located. I had to search around the apartment for them, so I could bring them to you.”

She was arrested by Lakeland police and charged with grand theft of a firearm and armed burglary.

Police contacted Joseph Irby at the Polk County Jail of the incident and he told them she did not have permission to enter the apartment and he wanted to press charges, officers said.