This is another victim who died while in The Dominican Republic. He’s 55 years old and he died under odd circumstances. I’m telling y’all don’t go there.
A 55-year-old New Jersey man never made it home from his vacation last week in the Dominican Republic becoming the latest American to die there in an unusual manner.

Avenel resident Joseph Allen was found dead in his hotel room at Terra Linda in Sosua on June 13, his sister told WABC-TV.

Jamie Reed said her brother has spent a lot of time in the country over the years and went down last week to celebrate a friend’s birthday, WABC reported.

Friends told Reed that Allen had complained about not feeling well before he was found dead in his hotel room the next morning.

She described Allen as “for the most part healthy” with no major medical problems.

A State Department official confirmed Allen’s death.

The average person waits until they are at optimal health before they’d travel. So I’m certain that Allen did the same thing. How many more of these deaths will we see? I’m not sure. But I’ve already done 5 blogs on it so….