Wow!! This story tells the events that a married Woman endured while riding her bike in Dominican Republic. Her husband was ahead of her and couldn’t hear her screams. She was riding and being sexually assaulted by several men on their own bikes. They caught up to her and groped her violently. Touching every part of her body that they could and she continued to go as steady as she could to catch up to her guy. What would have happened had she stopped or lost control? Stay away from that country.

I wrote an extensive blog from media sources with other stories regarding the dangers of visiting The Dominican Republic.

I received a comment from a native of the country stating that they don’t understand why people visit. They claimed that many of the residents are jealous of any country that’s doing better than they are. That the people there are spiteful to a certain degree against foreigners who have any sense of wealth. And you know what? Its starting to show. They truly hate us.

Click the link to read further stories on this topic. An in depth look at what’s happening there to US citizens and others. And trust me, I haven’t covered all stories. I got tired of blogging this story because NOBODY was reading it. Warn your family members who travel, be careful when visiting this country.