The Dominican Republic deaths are not to be treated lightly in my opinion. I believe there’s something sinister going on and frankly I’d give second thoughts about visiting. And I’m speaking for ALL RACES. I wouldn’t trust them until preliminary results are done regarding the deaths of the 5 people who died there in the last 4 months!

Miranda Schaup-Werner who is 41 from Allentown, Pennsylvania collapsed and died at a hotel on May 25th. Her cause of death was listed as respiratory failure and pulmonary edema. She was a psychotherapist and she had taken a drink from the hotel mini bar before her death.

Her family is concerned that perhaps she was poisoned. Their question is IS it just normally assumed that a healthy 41 year old suddenly dies like this? And they wanted to know was this a pattern.

Miranda, who was celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband Dan Werner suddenly collapsed in a hotel room. Her husband says at one point she was sitting there happily smiling and taking pictures and the next moment she was in acute pain and called out to him. He was understandably in shock, but the whole thing was just so stunning. Paramedics were called, and first aid was provided, but Miranda died in the room, Dominican Republic National Police told CNN.

Her husband states that she did have some health problems related to her heart. But why would she have to go on vacation in order to die from heart problems? Couldn’t she have stayed in her own home town and died? Why did she die all of a sudden at this Resort? I believe because she possibly did have a heart condition and after someone put something in her drink that ultimately led to her death.

And then there’s Edward Holmes and Cynthia Day. They were a Maryland couple, and Edward is 63 Cynthia is 49.

Cynthia Day and Edward Holmes

Less than a week later, Edward Nathaniel Holmes and Cynthia Day of Prince George County Maryland died at the resort as well. Holmes & Day missed their schedule check out Thursday, according to news reports. When Hotel staffers went to check on the couple they found the couple dead in the room. An autopsy reportedly revealed that they died from respiratory failure and pulmonary edema. Police found medication for high blood pressure in the room but found no signs of violence. There is also a report of oxycodone in their room. Well that’s A LEGAL DRUG but I’m certain that it will have a horrible side effect including death IF YOU’RE POISONED. I’m saying the only reason I see the blood pressure medication as an issue is because, it could interact drastically with being POISONED with some unknown substance. The average person isn’t dying from Blood pressure medications alone.

Another death that nobody is talking about.

The balcony where Danielle ALLEGEDLY jumped from

This young lady’s name is Danielle TwoHeart. She was 26 years old and she and her mother Holly Twoheart took a trip to the Dominican Republic. Danielle died mysteriously during an all-inclusive trip they took together. The mother states that she and her daughter got separated while returning to their hotel room after going out for drinks on Thursday night. The mother said she was walking with security guards who were helping her return to the room because she was inebriated and says her daughter went running up ahead, she said she assumed her daughter needed the washroom/bathroom. A short time later Holly states that security woke her around 3:00 a.m. to tell her Danielle had been seriously injured and she was lying in the grass below a set of balconies. Apparently, Holly had waited for her Daughter to return to the room and eventually fell asleep while waiting. SO I am literally trying to Picture This. A mother and a daughter leaving a bar area of some type and as they’re walking back to their hotel rooms, the mother needs to be escorted back to her room because she is heavily inebriated, and the daughter takes off in a full Sprint heading toward I’m assuming a public restroom. So the mom was not able to accompany her daughter to the restroom, instead she chose to go to their hotel room. But did someone go in and check on the daughter? Because I’m certain if the security officer was escorting the mother back, the daughter was right beside her at the time when the daughter just took off running to go to the restroom. So why would it take Such a long time for someone to get back to the mother to let her know exactly what was going on with her daughter?

Holly states that she remembers looking at her daughter and she was trying to get close to her and she kept screaming “that’s my baby”! but the people were holding her back and she was just trying to get to her child. Close to two dozen family members met Holly TwoHeart when she arrived at James Richardson International at Winnipeg without Danielle including the woman’s 8 and 10 year old daughters. Twoheart said she was first told her daughter jumped from a balcony, but after she left the hospital she got a different story. “Why would my daughter Jump? ” “Then when I came back to the hotel that’s when they’re saying oh she was dangling and the security said they tried to run and catch her but she fell.”
This seems like mother and daughter were given something in their drinks. I don’t believe mom would have gotten so drunk that she couldn’t look after her daughter. Adult or not, I believe they gave both women something and possibly mom drank less of the alcoholic beverage than her daughter. Perhaps mom was supposed to die as well. Maybe they intended to rob them, or steal their Organs, who knows. But this story has more to it than what is being told to us.

I remember when my drink was spiked years ago. I knew I wasn’t drunk but couldn’t explain why I was losing control of my body. and that explains the mother’s actions as well. Because no Mom would see their daughter rushing off to the bathroom And just completely ignore her and go to your own hotel room. I would say in that circumstance perhaps mom herself was suffering and struggling to keep her composure And that’s why she could not be there for her daughter.

These women were drugged and the DR government is covering it up.

Next we have a couple who insisted on coming forth with their experience at the same resort Grand Bahia Principe La Romana in Dominican Republic.

The Colorado couple states that they became sick at the same Resort in the Dominican Republic where three Americans died less than a week apart. Their vacation video from June 2018 looks like an advertisement for the Dominican Republic. It shows a happy couple beautiful beaches and pineapple drinks. That is how it all started but Kaylynn Knull said her trip with her boyfriend Tom Schwander took a dramatic turn for the worse right after the couple decided not to buy a Timeshare at the resort.
So my initial question is, are these vacationers taking a trip to this Resort with the resort attempting to sell them a timeshare? I see that it’s all inclusive, so is there a timeshare at stake here?

Kaylynn states that as soon as she and her boyfriend came back to the room after deciding not to purchase that timeshare their room smelled like strong chemicals, as if someone had dumped paint throughout the entire room. She states that her eyes were drooping excessively and that her eyes would not stop watering. She said that even after changing rooms the mysterious symptoms continued. That night she states when she and her boyfriend woke up, they were both soaked in sweat like 4 in the morning and they were both terrified she said. “And we booked a flight home before the sun came up.” Back in Colorado, records show a doctor’s diagnosis. Organophosphate poisoning. Kaylynn states that she was having the worst intestinal cramping that she’s ever experienced, and she states that she felt like a chainsaw was going through her gut. The couple filed a lawsuit against the resort asking for 1 million dollars as the hotel refused to reveal the chemical used or refund their money, but the case has stalled in Dominican courts. The week the news broke about the other three Americans mysteriously dying at different hotels at the same Resort within five days was that last straw for Kaylynn.

Kaylynn states that she honestly believes that the truth needs to be told. She states that this sounds way too similar at the same Resort. “I don’t know, I can’t keep my mouth shut,” she told Denver 7. The resort has released a statement that the recent deaths aren’t connected and right now the CDC is investigating and waiting for toxicology reports.

Kaylynn Knull produced a statement for everyone to read:

As many of you read the articles about the Dominican Republic I hope you question your next vacation. Last summer Tom and I set out on our dream vacation for two weeks only to come home early sicker than we have ever been and scared for our health. After family began to send me articles about the same hotel with people who were having the time of their lives only to be dead days later with no violence but the same symptoms… My heart has sank and I feel a need to speak up about our trip. I hope everyone can listen to their intuition and move through harms way unscathed. We were apparently very lucky…..

I believe this couple. You can tell that Kaylyynn loves to travel and enjoy nature. I don’t think she decided to take a trip to Dominican Republic only to become gravely ill. The photo above speaks for itself. The troubling thing is imagine scrambling to get out of that country because you feel like you’re dying. There’s no place like home. As much as this country annoys the hell out of me, I can’t fathom the idea of dying any where else but on US SOIL. It’s kinda like being sick. There’s no bed like your bed. No hospital bed can take the place of your own personal spot.

Which brings me to the next couple.

Portia Ravenelle and her fiance Orlando Moore.

Their car plunged into the ocean

Ravenelle and her fiance Orlando Moore with a Canadian couple

This couple went missing and had to be presumed dead. Why?

Moore and his fiance Portia were scheduled to come home from a brief vacation but had not been heard from for nearly three weeks and then all of a sudden two bodies were discovered matching their description. Portia was found practically dead on the side of the road, and her partner Orlando Moore was found near the oceans shore. Their car allegedly plunged into the ocean after locals claimed they heard a loud crash.

So I’m guessing that it was not too late for someone to be out and about, but it was too late to actually go and investigate the loud crash they had heard. Perhaps he forgot to report it. Also Portia was actually laying on the side of the road dying slowly, that maybe perhaps if someone had gone over there to witness the noise that they’d heard earlier, maybe they would have spotted a dying woman on the side of the road. Which brings me to the question about how this actual couple went missing for 3 weeks and nobody knew who they were or where they were. I’m guessing this is a remote location that no one ever drives down that way and it is indeed off the beaten path and A Road Less Traveled. Because authorities and Dominican Republic officials are stating that the couple Portia and her fiance Orlando actually lost control of their vehicle and got into a car crash, and that’s how Portia ended up on the side of the road and that’s how her fiance ended up in the ocean. So I’m guessing that Portia realized that her fiance was losing control of the vehicle and jumped from the vehicle landing on the side of the road and her fiance proceeded to drive uncontrollably and got into a crash and then the car went into the ocean. That’s what we are supposed to believe. Which brings me to the question of how fast was her fiance driving. I am certain that the government over there is not doing anything about the crime in their country. It’s just better for them to continue to say that us Americans are drunk and that we all are extremely unhealthy and all have heart issues. Also, another strange thing they are stating that Portia had no identification on her. That means she had no purse she had no wallet, she had no way to identify herself in another country? Why would she drive around like that? I was under the impression that they were actually driving to the airport. They had actually planned to leave when all of this took place. So wouldn’t she have had her license or passport or something on her to identify herself? Was she robbed? Was she sexually assaulted? What was her blood alcohol level? And I’m only asking that because they stated that Portia and Orlando were drunk and lost control of their vehicle. Yeah that’s highly unlikely unless their drinks were spiked
The most recent travel advisory, issued on April 15, noted, “Violent crime, including armed robbery, homicide and sexual assault is a concern throughout the Dominican Republic.” It added, “The wide availability of weapons, the use and trade of illicit drugs, and a weak criminal justice system contribute to the high level of criminality on the broader scale.” They are ranking Dominican Republic a 2 out of 4 for danger to tourists.

Ummm no, let’s put them up to a 4. 4 being the worst place to visit.

And of course they would say that the deaths are not related. But come on, let’s be reasonable. They are trying to Saveface. I’m trying to get answers. We all are.

Let’s talk about Tammy Lawrence Daley.

She and her hubby went on vacation to the Dominican Republic in January 2019.

All of these incidents happened in 6 months.

In January, Lawrence-Daley was staying at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana called Majestic Elegance with her husband and best friends Diane and James Doering. The couple’s had planned a weeklong vacation of sunshine and Beach time. However on the second night of their trip after an evening out, Lawrence-Daley and her husband went back to their room. But when Lawrence-Daley became hungry and heard that room service had ended for the night she told her husband she was going to find something to eat. On want her way back to her room Lawrence-Daley said she was attacked from behind as she walked between two buildings. She said her attacker was wearing a resort uniform with the staff logo on it and claims he dragged her down concrete stairs into a hidden crawl space in the basement. She called the area a hole. Inside the hole, Lawrence Daley says her attacker strangled her kicked, her in the head and beat her with a club causing her to go in and out of Consciousness from a concussion. After her attacker left her there, Lawrence-Daley says she remained in the hole for 8 hours. Meanwhile her husband and Friends began to search for her. Over the course of the next eight hours, Lawrence-Daley says she went from fearing nobody would find her to going into survival mode. She was unable to see or move, Lawrence-Daley began to try and figure out where she was. Her attacker had left her with her phone but she was unable to call for help because she didn’t have service. It wasn’t until the next morning when she heard people walking above her that she was able to cry out for help that she was found.

Tammy Lawrence Daley after Dominican Republic attack

This is a photo of Her during an excruciating stay at the hospital.

So… still think it’s a coincidence? Her family claims that they received a lot of resistance when it came to getting help for her. And that even includes actually finding her. She had been missing since going out to get a late night treat from the vending machine and none of the staff at the resort seemed to have any concern. Her family had to ask 3 times for assistance from these people.

I’m not saying, DON’T TRAVEL. BUT don’t travel to Dominican Republic until they get this situation under control. If people are dying suspicious deaths and there are no LEGITIMATE DOCTORS OR ANSWERS, don’t go.

I don’t think its a good idea to go somewhere that’s prone to crime of the worst kind. And from my understanding several of these locations are actually considered the safer places where the tourists are actually told to stay. So if you’re actually in what’s considered a safe Zone and you still end up dead, there’s something a little fishy about that.

More? Of course

Then there’s this story
Yvette Monique Sport, of Glenside, Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia, died last year at a Bahia Principe Resort in Punta Cana, her sister told Philly’s Fox 29.

And then there’s…

WASHINGTON (FOX 5 DC) – Dawn McCoy was preparing to mark the one year anniversary of her husband David Harrison’s death on July 14th in the Dominican Republic because she feels his spirit is there. Now, she’s canceled her trip because she was shocked to hear about the recent deaths of three other Americans in the country.

“When it came up that they died from the same exact thing as my husband I thought ‘No, no…. there’s no way two people could die of the same exact thing,’” said McCoy.

McCoy’s husband’s autopsy also blames pulmonary edema but references a heart attack as well.

“He just kept saying he didn’t feel right… he didn’t feel good,” said McCoy.

McCoy says her husband, who was just 45 years old when he died, was in good health, but after feeling sick one night he woke up early in the morning unable to breathe. She says she called repeatedly for an ambulance but says they would only call for a doctor and it took more than 20 minutes.

She says she sympathizes with the other families. In fact, in an ironic twist, she went to Oxon Hill High School with Cynthia Day, but says they hadn’t spoken in years.

FOX 5 learned Wednesday night that Day and her fiancé felt sick the night before they died and called a doctor but declined medication because it was too costly.

McCoy says she’s not surprised — she stayed at a different resort but says in all it cost $20,000 dollars to get her husband home.

“The hotel doctor costed almost $3,000 and they would not let us check out until I paid that,” said McCoy. “It’s like a scab reopened.”

McCoy had her husband cremated and is now regretting that she didn’t get a second autopsy.

A lawyer for the families of the Brandywine couple say they plan to have second autopsies conducted in the U.S. once the remains arrive here.

Now back to Yvette Sport

After several American tourists were found dead in their rooms at a resort in the Dominican Republic, the family of a Pennsylvania woman said she died last year while vacationing at the same resort.

According to Fox29 Philadelphia, Yvette Monique Sport, 51, was staying in the Bahia Principe Resort in Punta Cana last June when she died. Her relatives told the local news outlet Sport had a drink from the minibar inside her room before going to bed and dying in her sleep.

Her death certificate listed “heart attack” as the cause, although her family has their doubts.

“She was 51 years of age, relatively healthy, no reason for her to go on vacation and die so suddenly,” her sister, Felecia Nieves, told FOX 29.

Sport was vacationing there with her fiancé, Howard Taltoan, and their friends.

The circumstances surrounding Sport’s death mirror those of the American tourists who died within five days of each other last month at resorts owned by the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts group.

On May 25, Miranda Schaup-Werner of Pennsylvania collapsed and died after having a drink from the minibar in her room at the Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville. Then on May 30, Edward Holmes and Cynthia Day, an engaged couple from Maryland, were found dead in their room at the neighboring Bahia Principe La Romana. Police have not said whether Holmes and Day drank from the minibar.

In all three cases, the cause of death was listed as respiratory failure and pulmonary edema, which means having fluid in the lungs.

“It makes me question at this point is this cause of death even true,” Nieves told FOX29 after the new deaths were reported.

Although Sport’s family was told they would receive a toxicology report, they still have not.

“We were promised within three months that we would receive a toxicology report to this day, which is almost a year now we’ve got nothing,” Nieves said.

Now, Sport’s fiance thinks the United States needs to intervene.

“I think the State Department needs to step in and investigate these deaths. Something is not right,” Taltoan told FOX29.

According to a report by the U.S. State Department, 13 American deaths were reported in the Dominican Republic in 2018. However, the report did not list Sport’s death, because it was declared by Dominican authorities to have been caused by natural causes.

“That’s even more disturbing because why wouldn’t she be listed?” Nieves told FOX29. “My sister Yvette is probably one of many people unreported and unknown because families like mine even shocked decided to sit on it didn’t know if true or not true just didn’t make sense.”

Sport’s family says they will continue fighting for answers.

“Hopefully, some of the things that happened in the dark do come to light,” Nieves said.

The Bahia Principe has not yet revealed if any other Americans have died on its properties in the last two years. In March, Portia Ravenelle and Orlando Moore died on their way to the airport after staying at the Grand Bahia Principe Cayaco in Samana.

Dominican Republic police believe alcohol, speeding and dark roads may have caused Moore to lose control of his rental car and crash into the Caribbean Sea

It remains unknown if Moore and Ravenelle had anything to drink from the minibar in their hotel room before leaving for the airport.

This IS NOT A COINCIDENCE. And if you think that it still is, something is wrong with you.

Reading how much it actually cost to see a doctor there, $3,000 and you cannot check out unless you pay. What a disgusting practice. But that’s what can happen when you are not in the United States. It seems almost like people are getting poisoned deliberately, and then having to make a choice on whether they live or die. Being sick and not being able to afford your medication in a foreign country has got to be one of the greatest nightmares. I am heartbroken for every person who has lost their life in this country.

The obituary of Yvette Monique Sport

[[Yvette Monique Sport passed away suddenly on Saturday June 23, 2018 in the Dominican, Republic. She was 51 years old. Yvette was currently working in the medical administration field. She will be missed by her daughter, mother, siblings and other family members and friends. A service will be held on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at Mount Airy COGIC, 6401 Ogontz Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19126. The viewing will begin at 9:00 am with the service to follow at 11:00 am. The interment will be held at Ivy Hill Cemetery 1201 Easton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19150. Please keep the family in your prayers.]]

David Harrison’s obituary

David Joseph Harrison, 45 of Brandywine, MD passed away on July 14, 2018 while in the Dominican Republic with his family.

David was born on December 26, 1972 in Washington, DC. David was a member of the Steamfitters Local #602 and employed as a Foreman with Southland Industries. David was an avid Redskin and Capitals fan, thank goodness the Capitals won the Stanley cup before he passed. If there was anywhere David loved to be was with his family in the Caribbean, and he was a master of DIY around the house. David was an amazing father and husband and took extreme pride in his son who was his heart and joy. David was loved, cherished and will forever be missed.

David loved spending time with his family and friends, he had a smile that was infectious and would light up a room, he never met a person he didn’t like.

I’m disgusted! This shouldn’t have happened.

David’s wife Had to resort to setting up a GoFundMe account in order to get assistance with bringing her husband home back to the states after his untimely death. Nobody expects that they’re going to go away on vacation and have to pay $20,000 to $30,000 to get medical treatment for themselves, to get medical treatment for their husband and he still dies after being seen by the doctor, and then have to spend thousands to get that spouse home. Nobody prepares for that.