You know, this is why you’ve got to set rules and have a curfew in your house regardless of age when it comes to your kids. Because the truth of the matter is this is totally possible when you don’t communicate with your parents about where you are and when you will return. This is really a sad unfortunate story. A simple text message, a phone call, or something to let her dad know that she was coming in that late would totally have prevented this from happening. This story seems like someone died because of a lack of communication.

Hopefully she wasn’t trying to sneak in. I mean she’s 23 and I’m guessing that they are beyond that point.

A man accidentally fatally shot his 23-year-old daughter as she was trying to enter the family home early Sunday morning.
Investigators said Nadeja Jermaineque Pressley was coming home around 1:15 a.m. when she was shot through the door by her father, who thought an intruder was trying to get inside, WYFF reported.