There’s a podcast available that is asking some of the questions that were asked on this blog by me.

It’s very in depth. It’s DEFINITELY worth listening to.


The oddest thing about this podcast is a post that Anson Parker posted on Instagram. It’s a photo of a night gown that’s hanging from a coat rack that I’m guessing was crafted by Anson. It’s been confirmed that the gown belonged to Molly. The caption on the post read, “HUNG”.

There was no suicide note, and there was only a TRACE amount of Kratom in her system. So I’m guessing that wouldn’t be enough to have caused a mental disconnect that would lead to her killing herself.

Wow you’ve got to listen to it. Kimberly Lo did a great job writing this piece and there’s more to come. Stay tuned to her podcast for more details on this unsolved mystery. Kimberly went as far as to reach out to a trusted doctor in Florida who specializes in narcotics and opioid usage and side effects and he gives his medical opinion on whether he believes Kratom could have caused hallucinations in Molly or rather any human being. He informs her of what circumstance would need to be present in order for suicidal thoughts to enter the mind of a Kratom user.

I still find it baffling that Molly’s mother doesn’t want to know what really happened to her daughter. Because the truth hasn’t been told.