Let me tell ya. Black women don’t get this type of consideration. They have no issue with removing our children from us for the slightest infraction. This child lived in horrid conditions and it was noted. I’m certain neighbors called to report what they know And yet the benefit of the doubt was given because they are WHITE. REGARDLESS OF THE FACT that these people are drug abusing Neanderthals, they were still allowed to adopt a child and keep the little kids they brought into this world.

I get it. Nobody wants to take a child away from its parent. If I were a social worker, I’d try to avoid that. But in this story 2 social workers were placed on leave and that is largely because THEY DIDN’T DO THEIR FUCKING JOB. They are promising transparency with the developments in this story but its almost a little too late.

This boy didn’t have to die. Not only were the parents negligent, so were the workers who visually witnessed the state of that house. I’m grateful for every officer who reported what they saw. That’s fantastic because that’s what they are supposed to do. But ultimately it was up the Department of Children and families to fix this and they screwed it up.

The mother’s attorney is claiming that she didn’t know anything had happened to AJ. But I find it appalling that the junkie decided to lawyer up. How did she not know her son was missing? The father, AJ Freund senior reported the boy missing. The mother didn’t say a thing. Andrew had been dead for a couple days at least before he was reported missing, so this crackhead needs to stop lying. Are you telling me she is claiming that she didn’t realize her son was gone? Cut the bullshit.