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Two daughters in Mississippi are behind bars after they allegedly killed their mother by stabbing and shooting her, PEOPLE confirms.

Late Friday night, Erica Hall’s relatives found her lying on the ground outside her home. She had been stabbed multiple times and shot once in the chest with a small caliber gun. The 32-year-old was transported to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead, according to a Pike County Sheriff’s Office news release obtained by PEOPLE.

(The news release spells the victim’s name as “Erica,” though multiple reports have spelled it as “Ericka.”)

Hall’s 12-year-old and 14-year-old daughters were taken into custody and charged with murder.

While the younger daughter has not been identified, police confirmed the older daughter, Amariyona Hall, is being charged as an adult and is behind bars in Pike County Jail. She is being held on a $150,000 bond.

Days before her death, Hall had allegedly been attacked by her daughters: The pair allegedly tried to run their mother over with the family’s car.

With something like that, she should have made charges and had them arrested then,” said Sheriff Kenny Cotton, the Enterprise-Journal reports.

The teens will undergo a mental evaluation, the release states.

I can’t imagine what’s going on inside their minds to process that,” Cotton said. “A mom is a mom no matter what.”

Neither defendant has appeared in court to enter a plea. It is unclear whether either teen has an attorney who could comment on their behalf.

Amariyona Hall is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 22.

MAGNOLIA, Miss. — Just days before her death, a Mississippi woman called deputies to her home for help with two daughters now accused of fatally shooting and stabbing their mother, officials said.

Pike County Sheriff’s Office Chief Investigator Chris Bell said deputies went to Ericka Hall’s residence last week when she reported having trouble with her 14-year-old daughter. Bell said deputies were told that daughter and a 12-year-old tried to run over Hall with a vehicle, but she didn’t press charges.

Hall was found dead outside her home early Saturday and both daughters are charged with murder.

The 14-year-old is charged as an adult and remained jailed Wednesday in Pike County pending $150,000 bail. Lawyer John McNeil, who represents her, declined to comment. Under Mississippi law, children 13 and older accused of certain crimes are automatically charged as adults. Judges can later transfer cases to youth court.

The 12-year-old remains in juvenile detention.

The Associated Press doesn’t normally identify juveniles accused of crimes.

Neighbor Jeremy Lenoir told The Enterprise-Journal that the girls tapped on his car window and asked for a ride as Hall lay wounded across the street. Lenoir’s mother came outside and noticed the lights were on in Hall’s Nissan Altima. She thought that was odd and tried calling Hall but got no answer, so she contacted Hall’s relatives.

We rushed down the street to her daddy and her sister’s house, and when they came and drove down here, we found her on the other side of the car laid out,” Lenoir said.
Lenoir said Hall had a knife in her back.

“When I went over there, she was laying on her back with both of her fists balled up, eyes open, so you could tell she was trying to fight them back,” Lenoir said. “That was a terrible sight. That messed me up, and to think that her kids did that.”
At the family’s mobile home on a half-acre of land east of Magnolia, remnants of the struggle remained Tuesday. Arrows drawn with orange spray paint followed a trail of blood from the front door to the passenger side of Hall’s car. From there, the blood trail circles back to the driver’s side, where Hall was found, shielded from the view of the rural road.
Lenoir said the girls acted calm but something seemed unusual.

“They seemed weird,” he said. “The girls, they came over here straight-faced, like nothing had ever happened.”
Sheriff Kenny Cotton said both of the girls will undergo a mental evaluation.
“They were like children having problems,” said Robin Coney, Hall’s aunt. “She was trying to get them help and stuff, and was going to send them off because they didn’t go to school.”

Hall, a single mother who worked nights in a chicken processing plant, also had 1-year-old and 16-year-old daughters.

The girls’ aunt, Robin Coney, said Amariyona Hall and her sister initially denied doing anything. “The girls, when I drove up, they were like ‘Tee Tee we didn’t do this,’” Coney told WLBT. “And I was like ‘OK, if y’all didn’t do it, where were y’all when the people that was doing it did it?’”

Coney said the girls and Hall were the only ones at the home Friday night when an argument broke out. “It was her gun. It was in her car. So they had got it out. So I guess when they were doing all that to her, she was probably trying to get to her gun to fight for her life,” Coney told the news station. After an investigation, deputies arrested both girls and charged them with murder in their mom’s death, according to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office.

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