Carrboro, NC — A Carrboro man, already in jail on a juvenile rape charge, is now accused of victimizing another child.

Carlos Lopez, 30, is being held at the Orange County Jail and an immigration detainer has been placed on him.

Police said that in 2012, he raped a then 14-year-old girl. On Thursday, he was charged in a 2015 case where police say he raped a child younger than 10.

He was first accused of raping a 14-year-old girl. Today, Carlos Lopez was charged again for allegedly forcing himself on another girl..that victim was under the age of 10. Carrboro Police are urging any other possible victims to come forward. ABC11

Police said Lopez was familiar with the victims and knew their families.

“We’re hoping that there are not additional cases, but we’re also realistic,” said Carrboro Police Capt. Chris Atack.

Authorities are concerned there might be other victims and are urging others to come forward.

“These, in general, are very traumatic crimes anyway, especially with the younger age, that can be a very difficult psychological survivability. A lot of damage can be done both physically mentally,” Atack said. “That’s another reason why we’re concerned and would like people to report to us.”

Anyone with information is being asked to call Carrboro Police at (919) 918-7397