Updated March 16 2019

Noelani Robinson was found dead. He killed her.

Milwaukee Police have arrested the man wanted for killing the mother of his child, wounding a second woman, and for abducting the toddler. But there is no sign of the two year old girl. Dariaz Higgins was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon on Milwaukee’s Northwest side. A second person was arrested for harboring a fugitive. The girl Noelani Robinson is still missing and an active Amber Alert remains in effect for her disappearance. Police say they are investigating leads that the child may be in St Cloud , Minnesota or Ann Arbor, Michigan.

So I wanted to highlight the screenshotted photo that I took of the conversation in the comments section on True Crime daily. So the comment basically States that it’s not kidnapping if he was basically given permission to have the child. I think it’s a little insensitive to bring that up at this point in time considering the mom is dead and also another person who was watching the child was injured, so yes in fact it is parental kidnapping. Which is a crime.

Higgins is accused of fatally shooting Sierra Robinson near 91st Street and mill on Monday and then abducted their two year old daughter Higgins fled the scene after the shooting and he was believed to have taken his daughter with him. The FBI join Milwaukee Police in the search for Higgins and held a news conference on Tuesday to emphasize Higgins should be considered armed and dangerous. Milwaukee Police said they received numerous tips and the case Higgins has connections to other States including Florida. Police said he was arrested in Minnesota in February.

This could happen to anyone. So there isn’t much a person can do to prevent a parental kidnapping. If the other parent seems to have good intentions towards the child, then there’s usually no reason to suspect that a crime would be committed.

But when a child is kidnapped by the other parent they have no issues with hiding the child because many times relatives will stand in and hide that kid from their mother or father. Many times they think they are helping the situation because possibly they were given false information about the parent. But they need to mind their own damn business and let law enforcement handle the situation. You don’t aid in a child kidnapping. If someone is hiding this Little girl, they need to call the police and turn her over.

Also it could be a dumb ass girl who thinks she’s protecting her man. But if he’s willing to kill his Baby mama, why wouldn’t he kill her?

Worst case scenario, this child is dead.

Dariaz also goes by Dariaz Taylor and Dariaz Lewis.

The mother of Sierra Robinson spoke with Fox News 6. She said Robinson lived in Las Vegas and flew in to Milwaukee over the weekend to pick up her daughter who had been staying with Higgins. Sierra Robinson’s mother said she doesn’t know why Higgins took the girl or where he might have gone in a statement to Fox 6 News, Latosha Bryant Robinson’s mother said “My daughter was a loving person , she always found the good in others. She loved her daughter with all her heart. The family just wants Noelani to be brought home safely.”

A neighbor near 91st Street and Mill said one of the bullets fired Monday afternoon went through a living room window and grazed his shoulder. And broken glass also cut his face. He states he is really lucky that he was sitting back because …
“I wasn’t just a second before. Because it would have, my adrenaline was up so much I didn’t feel it, but I saw all the blood, he said, when he (Higgins) was in the driveway he was shooting her. After he had gunned her down he was standing over her. He shot her after she was already down. He continued shooting at her when she was down, yes absolutely it was him. I feel so sorry for her, their family. I can only imagine what they were going through. If being a father means anything to him, I hope he thinks about her in this.”

So, what happened? She was staying with him and obviously there’s a reason that was taking place. I guess she trusted him or its just natural order that a father would keep his kid. But why did this turn deadly? Was she threatening to keep the child with her and he decided to kill her to prevent that from happening? That’s typical fuck boy behavior. That’s what these young wanna be men do.

You have a fugitive and some idiot willing to hide him even though they know he’s a killer. What kind of person hides someone who they know killed another person, NOT in self defense? Probably more ghetto ass bitches. The average guy isn’t gonna get involved in this foolishness, but some stupid hood rat DEFINITELY would hide him and her. Or a dumb ass mom who is still protecting her baby boy. Some mother’s can’t let go. No matter what their child does, he just can’t do no wrong. I don’t think he’s taken the child out of state. That girl is still right there if you ask me. Just pitiful.