They arent playing with this accessory law.

Being arrested for a crime you didn’t commit has got to be the most eye awakening experience ever.

The two friends talked about scoring some heroin and then made a buy from a dealer one of them knew.

One of the women used the suspected heroin and died.

Now, her friend, Vicki A. Sakers, 41, who lives west of Lantana, has been indicted by a grand jury on charges that include first-degree murder.

Candace Moreland, 37, died on Dec. 16, 2017 after deputies were called to Sakers’ home “regarding an overdose,” the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to investigators, earlier — after the two talked about getting some heroin — Sakers called a drug dealer she knew and the two drove to the area of Lantana Road and Military Trail where “Sakers purchases 3 capsules of suspected heroin from the drug dealer and possibly Xanax,” the sheriff’s office said in a news release.

In the car on the way back, Moreland snorted one of the capsules Sakers had given her, investigators said.

Back at Sakers’ residence, Sakers fell asleep after taking the Xanax and when she awoke about 10 p.m. she found her friend unresponsive.

Moreland died less than 30 minutes later, rescuers said.

The case was presented to a grand jury in Palm Beach County on Thursday and jurors returned an indictment charging Sakers with first-degree premeditated murder and distribution of narcotics.

During a court appearance Friday, Sakers was ordered to remain jailed without bond.

Premeditated murder?!? Holy fuck. So that is what they are doing now. Well, maybe her immediately taking the Xanax seemed suspicious. At least to me it would. If I’m going with you to buy drugs and use drugs, I’m not taking anything if I don’t see you taking it. Make sense? Was this lady her guinea pig? She wanted to see the outcome? After all, the friend didn’t know the dealer so she didn’t invest or ingest much. She took a pill and went to sleep.

There must be more if they charged her with premeditated murder. Come on now.