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Orlando man charged with murder even though police say he didn’t pull trigger

An Orlando man has been charged with the murder of a 16-year-old even though investigators say he didn’t pull the trigger.

Deandre Florence is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 16-year-old Denim Williams, who was the first homicide victim of 2019 in Orlando.

According to an arrest report, the incident stemmed from an e-commerce transaction.

A husband and wife were attempting to sell a phone, police said. Florence and Williams saw the phone for sale on an app and attempted to rob the couple, police said.

During the transaction-turned-robbery, the husband fired at Williams. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Prosecutors said Florence has been charged because the death happened during the commission of a felony that he was involved in.


An arrest warrant says it was Florence who first met with Vanessa and Curtis Fulcher And asked about their cell phone when they pulled up along West Polk Street. The report said that Williams reached for the cell phone and tried to take it. And it also says there was a struggle and that’s when Florence ran. Seconds later, Williams was killed. But according to police, a check of Florence’s phone showed he agreed to steal the cell phone and his fingerprints were found on the couple’s car door. Police said that was enough for them to charge him with felony second-degree murder. The report said Florence was also involved in a gang that is responsible for other robberies in the area. But Florence’s parents told the judge on Tuesday that it wasn’t him and he should get bond to finish high school. For now Florence continues to be held without bond.

The 911 call

Police released 911 calls from the moments after the shooting, including one from the man claiming he was robbed.

“As soon as I unlocked the phone, the other guy acted like he was reaching for something. That’s when my wife did what she had to do,” the man told a 911 dispatcher.

“Did the person who robbed you have weapons?” the dispatcher asked.

“We think so because he came out with his shirt up like something was under his shirt,” the man said. He added later: “We discharged our firearm on them when I thought he was pulling a firearm on me.”

So this couple who couldn’t possibly be from Orlando went to the worst neighborhood to sell a phone. It’s not the worst neighborhood ever. You can walk the streets freely, nobody typically bothers you, but when it comes to selling high ticket items, I wouldn’t be doing it there. Especially not on Polk Street.

Denim is the first homicide victim of 2019. Wow!! 3 months clean for Orlando. At least for gun violence. And he died committing a crime. I feel sorry for his family. That would suck. And even after you teach your kids the right thing to do, they still do dumb shit. And it will cost you your life. If you live by the sword you die by it.

Now for the friend charged with murder. You might wanna get hip to the laws here BEFORE you commit a crime. If somebody dies in the process of you breaking the law you can be charged in their death. EVEN IF A RACIST COP kills them. They can and most likely will charge you with the murder.

This story sounds like the perfect set up. Cops have their eyes on someone, create an ad for a cell phone and just wait to see who responds. A poor unsuspecting couple shows up and of course, the thugs will attempt to steal the item without paying, and lo and behold somebody gets killed. Another young black boy dead and the life of his friend is taken because he’ll spend many years in prison even though he killed none. Tragic yes. But its avoidable. STOP being a FUCKING thief. Stop stealing. Take your ass home. Get a FUCKING job. Earn enough money to buy your own cell phone. Harsh, yeah. But that’s REAL. Pay attention.

Part of the initial story

Felica Brown is mourning her son.

Brown said her first reaction to hearing about the shooting was, “Not my baby, and I jumped up and I went, and there he was.”

Orlando police said they responded to the shooting near Polk Street in Parramore around noon, and when they arrived, they found Williams dead inside a car.

Brown, who lives less than 10 minutes away from the crime scene, said her son left home around 15 minutes before he was killed.

“My heart hurts so bad I can’t even describe,” Brown said. “I haven’t even broke down yet. I don’t even know if I’m coming or going.”

The family of 16-year-old Denim Williams, who was found dead Wednesday in Parramore, is speaking out about its tragic loss and search for justice. Williams’ mother said her son was often found on Beach Avenue, just a few blocks from Polk Street where he was killed. Dozens attended a vigil for the slain teen at the same location Thursday night.

“I haven’t even broke down yet. I don’t even know if I’m coming or going. Brown spent Thursday remembering the day Williams was born, reflecting on four months ago when he was released after serving two years in a detention center. It was then he started playing football, basketball and running track.“He was a very good child,” Brown said. Police have not released details of how Williams died, but investigators collected several bullet casings from the scene. A candle vigil was held Thursday evening at a large oak tree on Beech Avenue, where Williams often hung out.”I just miss him, and I wish this would have never happened,” said Aniyah Wilburn, Williams’ cousin. “I just hope everybody just stops killing, because it’s not worth it.”

Community organizer Miles Mulrain said people in the neighborhood have been reeling since Williams was gunned down.”People are mad. They’re sad. They’re angry,” he said. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. No one wants to plan for their child to be taken. And no one can actually prepare for that either.”

Now imagine chanting, WE WANT JUSTICE, WE WANT JUSTICE!! only to discover that justice might have already been served because your child was killed in a senseless case of self defense.

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