Murray County, GA – An ex-Georgia corrections officer appeared covered in dozens of bloody scratch marks after being arrested for trapping a woman in his home and raping her.

Kirk Martin, 28, a former Murray County detention officer, was busted Friday for a sex attack that allegedly lasted from the afternoon of Thursday, March 7 until the next morning, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.

A booking photo shows the suspect with bright red scrapes all over his neck and chest and swollen eyes from the victim fighting back, Special Agent in Charge Greg Ramey told local outlets.

The ex-jail guard was fired in April 2018 after violating jail policy multiple times, including giving an inmate the wrong prescription medication, the Dalton Daily Citizen-News reported.

He was booked into Murray County jail on Friday on charges of rape, aggravated sexual battery, aggravated assault, criminal attempt to commit sodomy, false imprisonment and hindering an emergency call.

He was transferred to Rabun County Jail after being denied bond at a hearing.

You see that right there? That’s the way a man is supposed to look after raping someone. You claw that fucker to death if you can. I’m so tired of writing stories that sound like sex plots from porn movies. Girls getting lured to hotels by guys and being raped MONTH AFTER MONTH!!! How do you keep going back to the same hotel where you already know what’s gonna happen?!? How does your school teacher KEEP raping you at different hotels around the city? You got raped 12 times by your teacher and yet you continue to show up and walk through the door of your rapist. Who does that? By law you were raped. In reality You’re a willing participant.

The woman in this story above was fighting and trying to get away. She didn’t want it so she FOUGHT BACK. Even if he succeeds in his crime, you still fight back.