Wow!!! The nerve of this dude.

Courtesy of Steve Ganey

LAKE ELSINORE, Calif. (KTLA) — A man attempting to abduct a child from a play area in Lake Elsinore was thwarted when family members chased the man down and wrestled the child away from him, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said in a news release.

The man attempted to flee after the child was pulled away from him, but was subdued by a family member until officer arrived.

The incident happened around 11:30 a.m. Monday at the Rosetta Canton Sports Park in Lake Elsinore.

Investigators said the suspect, 29-year-old Marcus DeWitt, initially tried to grab a 3-year-old boy by the arm, but the child was inside some kind of play apparatus and DeWitt was unable to take him.

DeWitt then picked up a 4-year-old boy and tried to run away.

The boy’s parents and other family members saw what was happening and chased DeWitt down and pulled the boy away from him.

Both children are safe and neither was injured during the incident.

DeWitt is a registered sex offender and will be booked on kidnapping charges, authorities said.

Do you know what type of desperation an offender must have in order to PUBLICLY SNATCH a child in plain view of others must feel?

DeWitt was captured after trying to kidnap a child

Imagine a hungry lion. He hasn’t eaten in a long time and he’s waited in the background for a meal. He’s watched elephants, deer, gazelles all pass by and has had no success. The elephant that he attempted to catch was quickly swept up with the herd. The deer was a little too far off a head start for him to capture. He’s exhausted from all of the attempts. His efforts have been futile. He attempted to enjoy the rations from another Lions kill, but they quickly push him aside. After all, they worked hard for their meal And they aren’t about to share it with him. He knows a meal is coming, he’s just gotta come up with a better plan. Finally he sees his meal all alone. Just grazing off the land, and mother is no where in sight. He approaches slowly and before you know it, he’s gotten himself something to eat. Mom arrives to discover that her baby is not where she left him and she can see the lion has it by its tiny little neck, draining the life from it. She wouldn’t dare try to stop him because she knows it’s already too late.

DeWitt on the ground

That’s how sexual predators are. They run on instinct. They have tunnel vision when it comes to their prey. They hone in on their prize and make every effort to subdue it. Your oversight and negligence as a parent is their permission slip. I’m sorry to tell you but these guys are horny and in need to possess something. If he was willing to snatch this child in plain view, he might had killed him to silence him. The object is to get in and get out. Commit the act, then escape without incident. And if that’s not possible, get in, kidnap the child, then take it to a destination to commit the act. We don’t stand a chance against these guys. Many of them are your Facebook friends and their only purpose is to look at your videos of your children. Many of them visit parks ONLY to watch the children. Some are seeking to harm and others are watching for gratification. The same way a man would look through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue for sexy women, these men visit theme parks, and community parks to watch children in action. I’m glad this family was able to get their child from this animal.

Great ordeal that went down. People have to be observant of everybody around them and their kids. Luckily somebody was watching and noticed that something wasn’t right and intervened. Marcus DeWitt is being held on 1 million dollar bail.