Gwinnett County, GA – A man has been charged with murder after a victim died in a road rage shooting that happened in Gwinnett County last month.

Jamarsa Williams, 31, turned himself into the Gwinnett County Jail around 5 p.m. Wednesday. He’s been charged with felony murder for the death of 59-year-old James Gilliland, of Dallas.

Last month, on February 8, Gwinnett County police said Williams followed the driver of a commercial vehicle to the parking lot of Metro Green Recycling at 4351 Pleasantdale Road around 11:30 a.m. because some debris came from the truck. While the truck pulled onto the scales at the facility, police said Williams parked his blue Challenger in front of the control booth.

Police said Williams got out of the car and approached the truck driver, Gilliland, who had pulled out a crowbar. Police said the truck driver struck Williams with the crowbar before he retreated back to his car, grabbed a gun, and opened fire on the truck driver, striking him in the stomach.

Police said Gilliland was able to get back into his vehicle and pull a short distance away until police and emergency officials arrived. Williams placed the gun on the hood of his car and waited for officers to arrive, police said.

Williams was immediately taken into custody.

Gilliland was taken to an area hospital to treat his injuries. He died nearly a month later on March 3 at the hospital.

When first reading this story I’m like, that guy hit him with a crowbar. In reality Williams didn’t have to be there. Indeed wouldn’t you want to hurt somebody who hit you with a crow bar? But you can’t follow somebody and NOT be considered the aggressor. The moment you have a chance to walk away and you don’t, you put yourself in harm’s way and that gives more opportunity for you to be an idiot. You don’t know how the other driver will react so what’s your best defense? Keep on DRIVING!