Three members of the U.S. Navy were arrested Tuesday in connection to a rape investigation in Georgia, authorities said.

Michael Billington, 24, Teddy Diake, 24, and Johnathan Augustus, 24, of Fort Gordon were arrested on charges of rape and aggravated sodomy, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday.

The sheriff’s office worked with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service on a sexual assault investigation that allegedly occurred at a home in Richmond County on Sunday. Fort Gordon is in Richmond County about two hours east of Atlanta.

An 18-year-old woman was taken to a local hospital with undisclosed injuries after an alleged assault by three men in a bedroom, authorities said.

Billington, Diake and Augustus were then identified by other party guests and brought in for questioning.

The men are all currently detained in jail and have not yet been arraigned, according to the sheriff’s office.

It is unclear whether they have lawyers.

The U.S. Navy did not immediately respond to a request for comment from NBC News.

My first question is, WHY are you in a room with 3 men? If you’re new to my blog you’d be surprised that my belief is many things don’t have to happen to us. We put ourselves in bad situations. This girl was possibly drugged. I say that because she was bombarded by 3 guys and in this situation, they like to work in teams. That way they’ll have a look out while one is assaulting you, the others will keep watch and try to keep the deed from being interrupted. They’ll take turns and have a plan where they’ll all say, YOU WANTED IT. There’s 3 against one, so most people will believe the guys. After all, why is an 18 year old girl at a house party? She could have been sipping on sprite all night, doesn’t matter. They’ll always paint a negative picture of teenage party girls.