I’m not a journalist. I’m a news blogger. If there’s a story that touches my heart I blog about it and express my opinions on the subject. I believe that Starr didn’t have to die if rules and laws were followed. In the video as amateur as it is, I’m simply trying to make since of this accident. As a bike rider myself, I’m frustrated that this young girl is gone. I wish we were better. I wish we could slow down and pay attention. Many times while out riding today I thought about my behavior while being on the scooter and wondered about those around me.

I constantly looked around to see if anyone was being rude by following too close or merging in front of me without putting on their blinkers. Then making sure that I’m not following too close or ducking in and out of traffic.

Riding a motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, trike all are very dangerous. You could leave to go to the store and never return.

We just need to SLOW DOWN. BREATHE AND SLOW DOWN. There’s no rush. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the death of anyone. Especially not a young girl with EVERYTHING going for her. My daughter’s can’t go to the memorial site because it’s too soon for them. My daughter is 17 and alive. Sitting beside me munching on chicken salad that I bought. She’s giggling while talking about boys and her favorite artist. She’s planning what to wear to go out later. She was in the mirror this morning dancing to Ariana Grande and braiding her hair. But Starrs family and friends won’t get the chance to see her again. I’m reminded to be grateful. I’m reminded to take My time, to think about my actions and how they can affect others. I’m reminded to tell my kids that I love them every day. To be grateful for every moment I have with them because nothing is promised.

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