Starr will be laid to rest Saturday March 16, 2019

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A woman riding a motorcycle has died after Orange County Fire Rescue officials said she was in a crash involving her motorcycle and an SUV.

Firefighters said the crash happened just before 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the intersection of Fairbanks Avenue and Adanson Street.

Firefighters said when they arrived on scene, the driver of the motorcycle was pinned under the SUV and gasoline was spilling onto her and the roadway.

Firefighters were able to get her out.

She was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The driver of the SUV was not injured.

Florida Highway Patrol is now investigating the crash.

Her parents Nicholas Leblanc and Blair Elisala named her right. She was indeed a STAR.

Her mother and father are devastated at the loss of their child. Her death is unfortunate and unexpected. Starr was a good girl. She loved theatre and all aspects of it. She was a makeup artist who was driven with passion for the arts and self expression.

Although she had graduated from high school, she continued to visit and play an intricate role in class to assist the theater teacher and students as well. Her father calls her an angel and expresses his hurt at having to type the words that his daughter is no longer here. He made a post relating to having a daughter because this is daughters week and he shared the last photo that he took with Starr.

A short clip of Starr when she was 12.

Her father also made this post for his daughter after she asked just a short time ago that if anyone has a picture with her, to share that memory. Well he did and it’s adorable.

This is Nicholas and Starr as a little Tot.

Starrs mother had also made a promise to her daughter that when she turned 18, she’d pay for a tiny tattoo. You can tell there was love in this family. Her mother won’t get the chance to make good on that promise.

Starr is loved by many. Her former classmates will miss her. The entire community will miss her. My daughter just saw her 4 days ago and they talked and everything was good with Starr. She had stopped by my daughter’s job to get a treat. All was kosher. So to discover that her buddy from high school had died just blocks from where we live was shocking. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Then when my youngest daughter woke up for school, she was informed and she began to cry. She had been in theater with Starr. She left for school heartbroken.

There is no preparation for a parent when their child’s life is taken. And I’m not certain of the specifics of the accident, but I’m hoping that the truth is revealed and if there was negligence on behalf of the driver of the SUV, then hopefully they are held accountable.

No parent wants to get that phone call that their child is gone.

Her father’s statement

I decided to do this story because Starr Elisala LeBlanc needs to be remembered. Her name needs to be said. Her beautiful life was taken at 17. That’s too soon. As a mother I understand what this mother is going through. A daughter is something special and touches the heart like no-one else can. My heart goes out to this family. Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts. If there is a GoFundMe attached to her passing, feel free to share the link.

Ok so I’ve had time to go look for the story or at least get more details. Here it is.

[Starr Elisala-LeBlanc, of Orlando, was riding her 2018 Kawasaki at 7:15 p.m. on West Fairbanks near Edgewater Drive when the Explorer turned in front of her, said FHP spokeswoman Lt. Kim Montes.
The driver of the Explorer was 50-year-old Trina Minter of Orlando who was traveling east and made a left turn into LeBlanc’s path, Montes said.
Fire Rescue crews found the LeBlanc pinned underneath the Explorer when they arrived on scene.]

My question. Did this woman cut her off? Seriously? Did this crazy lunatic have absolutely no FUCKING patience to wait? I drive a scooter. And people have no respect for cyclists. I’ve been cut off, people insist on riding too close, they refuse to yield. It’s dangerous for even an experienced rider. This isn’t about attacking her transportation method. This is about the blatant disregard that drivers have for those riding motorcycles. From reading this description, her death was senseless! Absolutely avoidable.

At first I was hurt. Now I’m pissed. An ambulance gives more warning before they cut you off. What is going on where you’re in such a hurry that the SAFETY OF A CHILD means nothing to you? Starr is a tiny little thing. You can see in the photos above that she’s a tiny girl. If this driver was behind her, CLEARLY if she had paid any attention, she would have seen this. ALWAYS yield to motorcyclists. Regardless of the situation. They are in open element and don’t have a full body of armor to protect them as someone would have driving a FORD EXPLORER! Now this young girl is dead and her parents have to lay her to rest because somebody was careless and impatient.

Will her defense be, “I DIDN’T SEE HER?” That’s not a defense. I know that area well and I’m trying to picture how this happened. I’m trying to find any way possible that a mistake could happen. The speed limit on that side is 35 mph I believe. So there’s no rush. This isn’t an interstate. Starr was practicing riding safely. She wore a helmet. She’d been driving for at least 3 years. So she didn’t just hop on a motorcycle and try her luck. She’d driven a car and proved that she could handle the bike. This could have been anyone’s child. Whenever you put an irresponsible driver near a motorcyclist, this is what could happen. We receive our training on how to react to certain situations. But I’ll tell you, being cut off is the worst. Simply because as a sensible rider you may abide by every law there is, well have one idiot cut you off and brake immediately and that could be the end of you. In a car that would be a fender bender. On a motorcycle that could mean you’re pinned underneath a vehicle and fighting to free yourself. Starr was a brave girl.

Updated information

Troopers said an SUV was heading east on Fairbanks Avenue as the motorcycle headed west on the roadway.

Both vehicles had a solid green light. Troopers said at the intersection at Adanson Street, the driver of the SUV made a left turn, traveling into the direct path of the motorcycle.

The front of the motorcycle struck the right front of the SUV, troopers said.

So basically they both made a turn at the same time? I know that light. There’s the option to turn. And the SUV is in the wrong because the person who is turning is always supposed to yield to the vehicle driving towards them.

Let’s just say that Starr is a hot head. She’s driving wild like a bat outta hell. She gets to that intersection and turns directly into the path of the SUV. WHAT is the probability that the FRONT of the bike would be hit by the Explorer? That’s saying that no one chose to yield. But I know that’s a turning lane so the SUV would still be in the wrong. There’s no way to slice or clean it up. Let’s say that Starr was driving down Fairbanks heading toward Edgewater and was gonna keep straight and the SUV was gonna turn down Adanson, guess what? Turning lane still must yield!

This afternoon at the roadside memorial for Starr Elisala LeBlanc