This reminds me of a time I’d just gotten my license.

I was driving down the street and thought I saw a black plastic bag in the road and I didn’t avoid running over it because I wanted to see what the outcome would be. Well I drove over a dog. A black dog was in the road and I had run over it. I knew it immediately after feeling the huge bump. 😣😣

Everybody started joking with me that the dog was on its last leg and trying to make it to the sidewalk when I came along and killed it indefinitely!!

Anyway here’s the story.

APOPKA, Fla. — Investigators with the Florida Highway Patrol say a man died after being run over by an Apopka Police cruiser Tuesday night.

At about 9:30 p.m., Officer Brian Kennedy was driving a 2016 Ford police cruiser northbound on Orange Blossom Trail in the left lane when a male pedestrian tried to cross near Bradshaw Road.

Witnesses told investigators that the man was lying in the roadway, not in a crosswalk or at an intersection, when he was struck. They said he appeared to have been struck by another vehicle when the police cruiser approached.

The 22-year-old officer was not able to avoid the man, and the cruiser ran over him, FHP said.

The pedestrian, later identified by troopers as Degoberto Casraneda of Orlando, was taken to Advent Health Apopka, where he died. Troopers said relatives told them he was in his early 20s.

Troopers spent hours out Wednesday morning trying to figure out how the deadly crash happened. All lanes reopened on Orange Blossom Trail just before 6 a.m.

Lt. Kim Montes with FHP said a medical examiner’s report will be key in the investigation.

“This is not a typical pedestrian crash where we have a car that has a smashed windshield and other damage. So we have to look at everything to make a final determination on what occurred.” Montes explained.

According to FHP, the Apopka Police Department and Kennedy are both fully cooperating. Troopers say they don’t believe Kennedy is at fault.

“It’s dark up there, he is laying in the roadway, (and) vthere is no way this officer could have avoided this man lying in the Northbound lanes of OBT,” Lt. Montes said. “The officer gave us a statement, we have his patrol car, we have downloaded the video. We are going to look at the speed of his vehicle, which we don’t believe speed is a factor.”

Apopka Police Department in a media release said based on FHP’s preliminary investigation, Kennedy will remain on duty, and that it doesn’t appear the officer violated any city or police department policies.

The department also said it “extends its condolences” to Casraneda’s family.

No details have been released about the possible other vehicle.

I can tell from the tone that they are blaming him for getting hit. Pointing out that he wasn’t at an intersection or crosswalk pretty much makes his death, his fault.

Since I’ve been walking more lately and biking, I’m noticing that the streets aren’t designed for pedestrians. Sidewalks don’t always exist. Crosswalks are dangerous because many times they are faulty and people don’t always yield. The other day I was biking home and got to an intersection with traffic coming from the interstate. The right turning lane is where I’m standing. The pedestrian light gave signal for me to walk AND the light was green for cars to turn right. So basically I’m told according to signs that it’s safe for me to GO AND WALK and the drivers are given a green light signaling them that they can go as well. Well who is in the wrong? I AM! You can’t assume that just because the sign says WALK and the man is signaling GO that you can just go! You have to be sure that NO CARS ARE COMING. I had to wait for 2 cycles to cross the street. I’m not blaming this guy. I’m arguing that in MY opinion you should just wait! Don’t go until you’re all clear.

The officer, that’s just crazy that he couldn’t help. What if the guy was alive?