So I’m all about pizza. I’m a pizza lover but what I’m not is a competitive eater. I’d probably be able to get 4 slices down in one sitting which makes me a pathetic amateur.

Well then there’s Molly. This young lady is the fastest I’ve seen. Up in the ranks with Top competitive eater Matt Stonie. Yeah Molly is THAT good. So here’s a video of her in action.

So this video presented is obviously not her at her best because the restaurant she’d visited and chose to HONOR with her presence ACTUALLY dropped her pizza and even after she completed the challenge and WON, they refused to give her the $200.00 prize That she earned.

Some are speculating that the pizza may have even touched the floor but was still served to her. Like a champ, Molly finished this challenge with ease and expected to be paid but this pizza palace refused to honor their word.

You might not see competitive eaters as all that interesting and you have a right to choose your own entertainment. But I guarantee you that you wouldn’t appreciate a company dropping your pizza or food order on the ground and not honoring their promise to pay if you completed their challenges. Also, if they decided not to pay for the challenge, that sucks, but at least give her a refund for dropping her pizza! She paid for the pizza challenge experience. And you can see in the video that her pizza is toppled over.

Valentinos pizza in Pomona California is said to be rude and untrustworthy. And that’s shameful.

Keep going Molly!! We are rooting for you.

This girl is fantastic in what she does and she’s a sweet heart. She didn’t deserve this type of treatment. There are many pizza places all over and she decided to visit this shady ass place and the thanks she gets is disrespect and bullshit. I wonder if they would have done this to a man.