Great story. I ordered from Instacart ONCE and it costs me $15.00 plus a tip. That’s bullshit. I don’t mind tipping. But they don’t pay their shoppers the tip you leave on the card and that’s not fair to make the consumer responsible for your EMPLOYEES WAGE.

I lived 5 miles from the store but for health reasons I couldn’t drive so decided to give it a try. That’s NOT an expense I want to incur regularly because my bank account isn’t set up that way. I’ve already done a blog on this before. I’m glad to see that they’ll start paying $7-10 A delivery and giving ALL TIPS to the driver. In all fairness, this is a service where you NEED to tip. They are shopping for you, so by all means, TIP. But Instacart and Door Dash were doing some shady shit and putting the blame on us. If they are only paying them $3.00 A delivery, what kinda bullshit is that? That means that they expect us to fork over the wage for these people. Ummm no!! I’m not their employer. They are already charging a MANDATORY $10.00 DELIVERY FEE that goes to the company. Then I gotta tip on my credit card AND give cash at the door. Oh hell nah. And when you tipped on your card they weren’t giving it to the workers?!? What a nasty thing to do to people. Shame on them.