8 million??? That’s a FUCKING joke. What will 8 million do? It’ll help SOME. But that’s not enough. We need money to help ALL. There are extended stay hotels FILLED WITH FAMILIES. So many, that I’m losing count. What needs to happen in the state of Florida is RENT CONTROL. We need better laws that help the renter afford housing. Not just some lame handout. I wouldn’t want a stupid grant. Who wants a grant? Who needs ANOTHER loan? We don’t need loans to assist with buying houses? We need HOUSES THAT ARE AFFORDABLE in the first place. And don’t tell me that they are taking baby steps. This is bullshit. They are a dollar short and years late.

Here is the story…

By Kate Santich

[[Central Florida will receive nearly $8 million in federal funding to expand affordable housing stock and battle homelessness, U.S. Reps. Stephanie Murphy and Darren Soto announced Monday.

Murphy, D-Winter Park, and Soto, D-Kissimmee, said the grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will improve access to housing for the fast-growing region, where rising rents have outpaced wage increases.

While we continue to address affordable housing solutions in Central Florida, the reality is more and more constituents are at risk of becoming homeless,” Soto said in a news release. “Federal grants … are crucial for our region to support organizations that provide shelters [and] transitional and permanent housing programs.”

The largest share of the funds — more than $2 million — will go toward programs in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties that offer permanent housing to people with mental and physical disabilities who have often spent years living on the streets. Smaller amounts will go to shelter homeless youth, support rapid rehousing of homeless families and individuals and bolster housing programs in each of the three counties.

The total announced was $7.8 million.

“Our priority this Congress is to increase access to affordable housing for Central Florida,” Soto said.]]

My thoughts…

Ok let me do this again. In the GHETTO the cheapest place to rent is $850-900 A month. The landlord requires that you make 2-3 times that amount. Most of the times they want 3 times. So that’s a basic $2700.00 A month to live in the hood. Now people coming from abroad would have no issues with that because they don’t know better. They are coming from New York where a 1 bedroom is $1200 A month in shady areas. So they’ll appreciate Florida and it’s cheap real estate. Then they’ll get a job here and realize they are making $9.00 an hour and would be lucky to get 40 hours. They’ll see that to QUALIFY for this place in the not so nice area, their full time job isn’t enough. They’ll also discover that public transportation sucks here in Florida. They’ll also realize that many neighborhoods require you having a car. In New York you can get anywhere at anytime 24/7. In Orlando Florida, buses stop running at 7-9 p.m. with only a few running past that. We have a new Sunrail train system. Sounds impressive right? A train that runs through the city. It’s a joke. Many times it doesn’t run on weekends!! Wtf is that??? What kinda train doesn’t run on weekends? Most people in New York are earning a minimum of $12.00 an hour and that’s at fast food. In Florida you’ll get paid $8.30-$8.75 with 25 hours. That’s the bullshit they pull down here.

The days of having your own apartment and doing it alone are over unless you’re making over $35,000 in Orlando. I had a roommate as a teenager. I was in Orlando making $4.75 an hour working 30 hours a week and trying to get more. That was fast food. Nothing has changed. Grown ass men and women are having to keep 4 jobs in one household in order to make it. You have to live like Mexicans. Pack that house out. Have several roommates and everybody chips in.

Don’t even think about coming here with the idea that you’ll be able to get your own place and live alone. You better make sure you have income to support that dream. Can it be done? Duh of course. I’m not talking about higher incomes. I’m talking LOW INCOME, the majority. The people working at your gas station, your favorite restaurant, the movie theatre you love, the hotels you live in, etc… those people. And it’s a little better for married couples with children because they get a tax break. But singles, nah they get no breaks. That’s why so many young mother’s get on welfare and public housing. Its EASIER AND CHEAPER.

I DON’T see this 8 million dollar bandage on a bullet wound addressing the real issue. Apartments are being built everywhere. But people can’t afford them. And what’s affordable is MAXIMUM OCCUPANT FULL. There’s no more room. For every affordable place, there are hundreds of applicants. All trying to get that same place.

What needs to happen?

Stop allowing builders and Investors to control the show which ultimately controls the people. Stop letting insane price tags rule the economy. Put a halt on GENTRIFICATION. Leave something for the poor man and stop trying to drive him out. After all, who will bag your groceries? Who will pick up your trash? Who will clean your streets? If you drive them away and make it impossible for them to keep a roof over their heads near their workplace, you’ve just fucked yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.