This story hits home for me because I have a disability. I don’t get benefits and believe me I tried but because I can walk And ACTUALLY have good moments, I’m deemed ABLE. That’s fine, I’m aware that there are people who REALLY HAVE IT HARD. They have it bad. They can’t walk, can’t talk, are in excruciating pain. I’d definitely have no issue with a person who received assistance. I can walk, talk, bend, think, speak intelligently, and usually have no pain whatsoever.

What I can’t do. Anything that creates motion can set off severe motion and debilitating nausea. I can get motion sickness from doing nothing. It lasts for hours and if I continue to push myself, I will be sick And bedridden for weeks at time. My best course of action is once I’m feeling it, DO NOTHING. Well that doesn’t work while trying to keep a job. I’ve had jobs where I worked 6 weeks with few issues because it was part time, then after a few weeks I’m gone. NO CALL NO SHOW I’M DONE, I’M OUT. The spinning won’t stop and the stomach issues won’t let up. I’m virtually useless during these times. I can’t drive, cook, bathe myself, etc. My bed is my ONLY friend. No medicine helps.

Disabilities suck. They take your life away. They have the ability to steal your joy and your future hopes.

From my understanding MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AIN’T NO JOKE. I’d rather have my condition than that because it can be more limiting. Maybe its the same who knows?

Either way, I understand what this young lady is going through. I don’t use any placards because I’m certain that when people look at me, they’d never in a million years say I’m disabled. But in reality, there’s so much missing from my life. No train rides, no theme parks, no long drives, no plane rides, no mountain climbing, no fair grounds, no altitudes whatsoever. I can’t climb anything. Elevators send me into a panic. You get the drift. But from looking at me, you can’t see it. I’m smiling, I’m walking, I’m happy. I’m TRYING! MANY times we are so quick to judge others. And I gotta say, I never notice who is parked in the handicap spot because frankly, it’s not my business. And how can I judge who is disabled or not? You can’t just look at people and tell most of the time. There are good days and terrible days. On my terrible days, you won’t see me at all. On good days I’ll go out for a couple hours.

This woman was using her rights to park there because she is handicapped!! She has a disability that causes her discomfort. Many days she can’t walk without feeling like her legs will give out. Why shouldn’t she be able to use her placard? I’m certain that on better days, she’d be grateful to walk further and be NORMAL FOR A TIME. Do you know how abnormal disability feels? Everybody else is doing what you can’t. When I want to visit My family, after the drive of 2 hours, which I CAN’T do anyway, someone else has to drive me. When I get there I feel like shit. I need a long nap. My stomach is turning, head spinning, because the drive was too long. I can feel That same way after being driven 2-5 miles. Feeling normal is the best feeling ever. I wish people would try to be more understanding. Try to be more compassionate.

What I miss most? Getting on all the rides at the fair. Disney and Universal studios tickets are useless if you can’t get on any rides!!

But I got up this morning. Took a nice walk to the store with my girls. I cooked dinner last night. I’m grateful for what I still have. Still can’t work. That’s a tough pill to swallow, but I have so much to be happy about.

Shellie Chandar is doing the best that she can. She’s trying to work. Trying to support herself. Something that I’m certain gives her a glimmer of hope. There is NO CURE for MS. One day, Shellie could be bedridden, she could be unable to push herself in her own wheelchair. This could last for weeks or years. She could lose most of her motor skills. She could lose control of her bodily functions. Why would someone try to steal that dignity and pride that she has? There are those who are blatant liars and con artists. They aren’t disabled in the least bit. Go after them. Leave Shellie alone!

Just because you can’t see a disability doesn’t mean it’s not there. Think before you judge.