As I listened to the video of this young man, It was funny at first. And then it turned to a desperate, uncaring, Jack ass attempting to rob someone of their money.

People fall for this everyday. What leads a person to put themselves in this situation? Greed and TRUST. We trust too easily.

I’m certain that in the last year or so I’ve been conned. I’m certain I’ve given someone money to buy drugs, get drunk regardless of the fact that they stated that they were hungry. I count that as a little loss. My rule is what’s the harm of giving a guy a couple dollars? It ain’t gonna make or break me, so why not? And if I couldn’t afford to give, I wouldn’t. My rule is to ONLY give whenI can afford to. I always put my family first.

But imagine getting this call. Imagine the excitement. When I was a kid, I thought PCH was real. Hell, I still can’t tell if it’s fake or not. Lol. I admit, those winners names seem to be made up. But what do I know? I KNOW NOT to send money to get money. THAT’S the first rule. If you gotta pay to get paid, WALK AWAY. If it’s free you shouldn’t have to fork over anything. Share this blog, I think it’ll help someone.