My goodness the plot thickens.

I was watching this video today ib Nigerian scams. And of course I laughed at all the idiots who fall prey to this stuff. It’s like, aren’t they smart enough to realize when they are being conned. What dummies they are?!? And then, something got my attention. A scam I ALMOST FELL FOR.

Last year we were trying to buy a house. And we found one that we really liked. It was time to put the ESCROW deposit in and we received a letter from a company. A title company to be exact. All of the details of where and how to send the money were listed in that email. I didn’t review it immediately because I was busy with other things. When it was time to make the deposit, the email vanished! It simply vanished from my email. There wasn’t a trace of that message. Not in SPAM, JUNK, DELETED, no folder had that message at all. I spent 30 minutes trying to relocate that email because I had a certain amount of time to get the earnest money deposit in or we could lose the house. We rushed to the bank, and I remembered that I’d sent it to the Loan officer. Why? No idea, just did. I was able to retrieve it from that message. Funds were transferred,

everything seemed great. A short moment after I sent the money, the agent told me the house wasn’t gonna work out. It’s unfortunate she couldn’t have called 2 minutes earlier. It felt terrible. It’s like they waited for everything to clear then say, The house is no good. We were devastated. Luckily we were able to get our money back. We rushed to get it immediately. I honestly felt like we were about to get scammed. I just had a feeling. Where did that email go? Why did I start getting messages from APPLE to log in to my account? An account I don’t even have. What’s going on here? If the title company or the real estate agents company gets hacked, all of our information is screwed. They’d have access to all those emails and could intercept incoming mail from your agent or the title company. They would have access to company headers and websites And create pages that look just like your company’s site. These Nigerian scammers are no joke. It’s a way of life. We the consumer will have to deal with the loss if we are tricked. Watch the video.

I’m scared because what if the banks don’t verify the bank account and routing number? What if they just didn’t care? Who is responsible? YOU ARE! IF you think this is about taking an obvious scam phone call, you are wrong. You are underestimating their potential and I wouldn’t do that if I were you. They are very sophisticated. Don’t take these people for a joke. They’ll laugh all the way to the bank with your money.

They have local people in the states who work with them. They create CALL CENTERS to steal from us. Theyd do anything to get their hands on our money. They are selfish and greedy and feel that because we are Americans, that there’s plenty more where that came from. People have lost their savings because of this.