Sometimes I share old stories that I’ve not heard of. This is outrageous.

Lemme just say, #BLACK PEOPLE STORY. WTF?!?! Oh hell nah.

What is wrong with these kids? What’s the deal with trying to kill their parents? Good grief. These parents in the video are black well to do people who are trying to give their kids a good life. And the thanks they get is assault and a plot to murder them. Worst case… the parents are forgiving. 😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃 man fuck that. I’m a mom. Are you crazy?? You ain’t supposed to forgive a nigga trying to kill you!!

What’s in the water in Georgia? I’d see these two kids as criminals and would never be able to look at them again the same way. Mom says it was a bad moment. Is she being abused by their father because she’s too comfortable with those black eyes. You don’t defend your attacker no matter who they are. Your sons are still men and you don’t teach them that it’s ok to ever hit a woman.

This story iS from 2015. Can’t believe I missed it. Even though I did blog about another story with a black boy who stabbed his mom and dad in the head while they slept. They ended up defending him as well. What is it? They feel like the justice system is always locking up innocent young black boys? Well yeah they are. But these people need to realize. Their children aren’t innocent. They are criminals. They are thugs! If you excuse their behavior THIS time, they’ll plot again and make sure they accomplish their goals.

Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. They plotted to kill them. PLOTTED. Let that sink in. Would you forgive your children for drugging you and attempting to kill you?

These parents blamed SATAN. But how? That’s not accountability. These boys were 17 and 22? Satan ain’t got a damn thing to do with this. Their asses deserve to get the MAXIMUM! People were testifying on their behalf stating how good these boys were. But how can they REALLY BE SORRY, when they NEVER admitted that they did it? They blamed it on the devil. Remorse because they didn’t succeed? I’m not buying it. I have a son who is an ungrateful little shit. I haven’t talked to him in a while And I’m ok with that. He’s alive and that’s enough. If he were ever hungry I’d feed him. But he can’t live with me. He’s a trouble making little brat. I raised that boy. Did the best I could. Tried my hardest to treat him right and now that he’s older, he’s given me his ass to kiss. That’s all good. Why? I no longer have to deal with HIM!! I’m happy as hell now. He’s 24 and my job is done. You’ve gotta know your kids. A good mother knows EXACTLY what her children need. I’m tough. Always been and won’t ever change. And if it were My child who tried to attack me, they’d be 12 feet under. NOBODY who I raised and sacrificed for will put their hands on me. Maybe this dumb ass mom thinks she’s helping by offering forgiveness. I’m certain it’s religion that makes her eager to forgive. I don’t have that luxury. I have to be judge and jury And I sentence these boys to 25 years each. In reality they received 20 years in prison and will HAVE 30 years probation after that. Serves them right.

Their parents weren’t crack heads. They were trying their best. That doesn’t deserve death. Shame on these idiots.