This story is actually kinda fucked up. If she left the child in the care of her father then why is the mother being charged? Perhaps it was from other incidents of negligence. The child didn’t freeze to death because of mom, she wasn’t home at the time, therefore, how is she responsible?

After judge Alison McCarty ordered Tierra Williams to spend the next 18 months behind bars, the mournful mom began screaming up a strom while being handcuffed.

“That is so f—– up!” shouted Williams. Her mother, Angela Williams, responded from the gallery, “Stop, Tierra!”

“I’m so f—— mad!” yelled the convicted mother while being led out of the courtroom, reported the Akron Beacon Journal.

Her boyfriend, Dariaun Parker, was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to child endangerment charges last November.

Williams, 23, had left daughter, Wynter Parker, with the girl’s father when she went out Feb. 2, 2108. But when she returned home two hours later to the Akron home, she found the little girl “frozen” on the porch, said authorities.

Despite being rushed to a nearby hospital, Wynter — who hadn’t been wearing warm clothing or a coat — died from severe hypothermia. Temperatures were between 12º and 19º that fateful day, according to AccuWeather.

Prosecutors asserted that the 25-year-old father lost track of Wynter while Tierra Williams had been out with their 4-year-old son.

A neighbor of the couple claimed she had taken Williams’ children home on several occasions.

“It’s just a very sad situation,” said Christal Lucas. “It literally broke my heart.”

This little girl was found dead under the exact same circumstances, yet her mother doesn’t seem to be facing criminal charges. However, it’s neglect.

Authorities in the small town of Newport say that 2-year-old Sofia Van Schoick somehow managed to leave the apartment on her own Sunday night and “was not able to regain entry,” the Associated Press reports.

Police received multiple 911 calls around 7:10 a.m. about the child, who was found lifeless at the bottom of a set of porch stairs wearing just her nightgown in temperatures as low as 8 degrees below zero. First responders declared the child dead at the scene, and a preliminary autopsy suggested she died of exposure to the elements combined with hypothermia.

So far it doesn’t seem like her mother will be charged with child endangerment. So what gives? What’s up with this? Her mother Courtney Van Schoick won’t serve any time for her negligence? She didn’t check on her daughter the entire night, yet the black mother was only gone for 2 hours and left her daughter in the care of her father. Is this racial? Is someone being prejudiced? Is this a double standard?