A manager at a McDonald’s in Minnesota raped a 14-year-old co-worker inside the restaurant’s cooler, prosecutors claim.

Andrew Joseph Otero-Albertorio, 24, of Maple Grove, is expected to make his initial court appearance Tuesday afternoon in Hennepin County District Court after being charged last week with five felony counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, the Star Tribune reports.

Otero-Albertorio and the female employee started exchanging Snapchat messages in November before he tried to kiss the teen, but she refused his advances, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the newspaper.

Otero-Albertorio and the girl discussed having sex, but the teen told her older co-worker that she didn’t want him to get in trouble due to her age. That prompted Otero-Albertorio in early December to corner her during an incident in the Maple Grove restaurant’s walk-in cooler, where he then started touching her, telling the girl he wanted to have sex, the criminal complaint states.

Otero-Albertorio then pulled down the girl’s pants and raped her after she refused. She later told investigators that she “felt pressured into the act,” according to the complaint.

The sexual assaults then continued for another month, with Otero-Albertorio raping the girl inside the restaurant’s cooler, as well as in a back room and in his car and home, prosecutors allege.

The girl told authorities that Otero-Albertorio even gave her extra hours and paid her directly to avoid violating the state’s child labor laws. Prosecutors in Hennepin County have since indicated they will pursue a lengthy sentence if Otero-Albertorio is convicted of the charges.

The location of the McDonald’s in Maple Grove was not included in the complaint, the Star Tribune reports.

Otero-Albertorio remained held on $500,000 bail ahead of Tuesday’s scheduled court appearance, county records show.

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In this video I vaguely discuss sexual assault and molestation I suffered as a little girl by two family members. It’s not something I enjoy talking about because it takes a bit of your peace away. It reminds you that you’re not safe, that you’re not covered, that you were vulnerable, weak, helpless and NOBODY wants to deliberately feel these things. I’d much rather live a life full of positivity and never encounter a negative memory, but that would be a lie.