Tamika Capone thought she was making a smart call by traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery. Her doctor had urged her to have the procedure to reduce her out-of-control weight and blood pressure. But her husband’s health insurance would not cover the $17,500 bill. After a friend got the surgery in Tijuana for $4,000, Capone decided to do the same.

Nearly four months later, the Arkansas woman is one of at least a dozen U.S. residents who returned from surgeries in Tijuana with a rare and potentially deadly strain of bacteria resistant to virtually all antibiotics, say federal health officials. Some in the group recovered, but Capone, 40, remains seriously ill despite being treated with a barrage of drugs.

If the bacteria spread to her bloodstream, doctors say, it could be fatal.

“I’ve not yet had a patient with zero options, but this is as close as I’ve had,” said Ryan Dare, an infectious-disease doctor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine in Little Rock who is treating her.

The Tijuana outbreak, which includes one death, prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to issue an unusual warning this month, urging travelers to avoid surgery at Grand View Hospital, linked to eight of the infections, until Mexican authorities confirm its safety. Hospital officials did not return calls seeking comment. Nor did the medical tourism agency Weight Loss Agents, which books procedures there and at other hospitals.

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Poor lady. This is gonna be A tough blog because judging her sucks. It really does. She’s got this bacterial infection that’s virtually resistant to ALL medicine. She’s got a wound that hasn’t healed in 3 months. She’s trying to warn others on Facebook, but her posts keep getting removed. Facebook sucks! Anyway this entire story is a mess.

Her doctor recommended her to get this surgery. But I know he didn’t recommend Mexico. She chose Mexico because it’s more affordable than her country. The insurance wouldn’t cover the cost. Why? Maybe they see it as Cosmetic. Maybe their thoughts are if you’re overweight, you need to get active. Well Tamika was disabled and bound to a wheelchair for a few years and that contributed to her extra pounds.

I know what it’s like to not be able to walk or move much because of health issues. So I feel for her in that regard.

What I’m struggling with is, WHY GO TO MEXICO??? WHY WHY WHY TAMIKA WHY?? Everybody knows they suck. It’s risky to have ANY procedure done there. Mexico is a beautiful place with beautiful people. But their doctors aren’t the best. They botch us US citizens up all the time. I think they are killing us one by one because of this stupid wall! Thanks TRUMP!

Anyhow, I’m certain she did her research, but ratings can be bought AND they could have their own people filling it out. Also this company Grandview hospital, well they’ve basically refused to cooperate AND they are blaming all attacks on their competitors. Basically, they don’t give a shit I’m certain their motto is you get what you pay for.

I think there’s malice towards Americans. Yeah I’m talking about UNITED STATES CITIZENS. Folks from other countries don’t really like y’all, I mean us. Ugh, I forget I’m one of them. When you travel outside of your comfort for medical, you might want to make sure their malpractice laws are as stringent as they are in the states. And even in this country, doctors botch surgeries. I blogged about a story of a woman who went to have surgery done in Chicago. Omg they fucked her up. Horribly horrible. Oh goodness it was bad. She was getting a tummy tuck. Guys I have a pouch. Yes I got one. I show it off in my videos. But I have 4 children AND I’ve been lazy for over a FUCKING year and haven’t done much in the way of exercise. So that’s MY fat ass fault. 😃😃🤣🤣 This might be Tamikas fault as well. I’m not her doctor so I don’t know. But MOST people will lose weight if they exercise. Also blood pressure can be controlled if you take medication for it. Also controlling stress in your life and avoiding too much sodium. I’m just saying that many of our health issues stem from our poor CHOICES. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️don’t shoot the messenger.

I wish TAMIKA success And I hope she gets better. Please share this blog because I want to bring attention to this Grandview hospital place in Mexico that’s causing so much havoc in the states.

Another excerpt from the story…

Half of the 12 people who came back from Tijuana with confirmed cases were hospitalized once they returned home to Arkansas, Arizona, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Washington state and West Virginia, according to CDC officials. Most people had weight-loss surgery. Eight had surgery at Grand View Hospital. The remainder had surgery at other Tijuana clinics the CDC did not identify. The CDC is investigating two additional cases. Most of the patients were women in their 30s and 40s and had surgeries between August and December, the officials said.

An unidentified Oregon man died in November, according to state and federal health officials. They say they do not know whether the infection caused his death, because he had other health problems.

Even patients who were infected with a less resistant strain of Pseudomonas describe devastating experiences.

Mindy Blohm, 45, of Riverton, Utah, said she and her husband were forced to sell their home to pay over $50,000 in hospital bills for treatment of her infection, a less resistant Pseudomonas, after her weight-loss surgery at Grand View on Oct. 31. Her wound finally healed last week, she said.