This is my video And my take on what’s been going on in our culture of #metoo. I honestly didn’t want to talk about this because frankly I’m tired of hearing About it.

In a simple form, we have got to be better. Women we need to stop being dumb and putting ourselves in stupid situations. Think before you make a decision that’ll add agony to your life. There are many women who are indeed victims And have done absolutely nothing to deserve what happened to them. And then there are those women who decide to go to a hotel with a man at 3:00 a.m after drinking all night and cry rape the next day or whenever. I’m with you girl, I’m totally with you. But honey, if you don’t plan to have sex with a man, why are you going to his hotel room? If you’re not interested in sex, why are you there? THINK BEFORE DOING SOMETHING STUPID. Take responsibility for your life.