Awwww that’s so sweet. Look at the church. Working diligently to help the homeless, ONE NIGHT OUT THE YEAR!!! THAT’S mighty thoughtful of them.

Never mind the other 364 days of homelessness. I guarantee you that the homeless love the holidays and cold weather because that’s the only time they are treated well. Basically like humans. In all fairness, I do understand somebody’s hesitancy to help the homeless. Many of them are pedophiles and junkies.

But many aren’t. I’m not sure what I’d do if a homeless pedophile needed a place to stay and I was in control of helping him. My character would be tested like a mug. Out of every criminal in the world, those that hurt children are the worst.

Regardless… I think they should require ID from all. Put the creeps separate. Where the hell is this blog going? I have no damn idea. I’m eating chocolate chip cookies.