Austin, TX – The former boyfriend of a missing woman from Temple also used to date a missing Michigan woman.

Cedric Marks is being held in a Kent County, Michigan, jail on burglary charges stemming from a Temple, Texas, case. According to an affidavit, he’s accused of breaking into his girlfriend Jenna Scott’s home. Scott and her friend Michael Swearingin, both from Temple, have been missing since Jan. 4.

KXAN has confirmed one of Marks’ former girlfriends has been missing since 2009. Bloomington, Minnesota, police say April Pease disappeared September 2009 and a public information officer confirmed Pease and Marks had a child together.

“We are aware of the developments in Texas regarding another missing person’s case, and have been in contact with local law enforcement in that jurisdiction,” Bloomington Police said in a release. They would not refer to Marks as a person of interest at this time, saying they are “in the process of getting information from Texas law enforcement.”

According to Dottie Pease, April’s mother, her daughter suffered from substance abuse. She told KXAN that Pease moved to Minnesota to both seek treatment for her addiction, and to get away from Marks.

“I never really had the feeling she was relapsing,” Dottie told KXAN, explaining that before her daughter disappeared, she was clean and had been doing well. When asked about Marks’ potential connection to her daughter’s disappearance she said she cannot rule it out.

Marks has not been charged in either missing persons case.

Holy shit. This pair may have been found. Two bodies were discovered. Omg and he broke into their house?!?

I’m no Sherlock but ummm…
The bodies of a missing Texas man and woman, 32-year-old Michael Swearingin and 28-year-old Jenna Scott, were discovered in shallow graves at a rural Okfuskee County, Oklahoma property. The pair were last heard from in Temple, Texas on Jan. 4

Tuesday afternoon, the Temple Police Department confirmed that the bodies found on the property, southwest of Clearview, are believed to be those of Scott and Swearingin.

“The Oklahoma State Medical Examiners Office will be responsible for making the positive identifications at autopsy,” the department said on its website. “The Scott and Swearingin families have been notified of this preliminary identification.”

“I just get up every morning and put one foot in front of the other, and hope for the best,” Jonathan Scott told News 4 affiliate KXAN-TV last week. “A lot of ups and downs. A lot of emotion. “There’s points of time where we just break down and cry, but, of course, sometimes we feel hopeful.”

In the days after their disappearance, friends and family searched for clues, signs of what may have happened to the two. But now the search for signs of hope turns to mourning, and questions.

An ex-boyfriend of Scott’s, 44-year-old Cedric Marks, was arrested in Grand Rapids, Michigan last week on a felony burglary warrant out of Bell County, Texas. Marks, who has not been named a suspect or person of interest in the disappearance of Scott or Swearingin, is accused of breaking into Scott’s Temple home last August. Marks is awaiting extradition to Texas on that charge.

Police in Minnesota confirmed Tuesday that Marks, according to KCEN-TV, was a possible person of interest in the 2009 disappearance of his 30-year-old ex-girlfriend April Pease, but was never named a suspect. Pease was last seen in Bloomington, Minnesota and hasn’t been heard from since.

So he wasn’t named as a suspect, but who else could be?
Peace was in a bitter custody dispute with Marks at the time of her disappearance. When she failed to show up for court about the custody issue on March 20, three days after her disappearance, Marks speculated she had relapsed. He was awarded custody of their son and wasn’t considered a suspect in Pease’s disappearance at the time.
In January 2019, another of Marks’s former girlfriends, Jenna Scott, disappeared with her friend Michael Swearingin from Temple, Texas. As in Pease’s case, Marks and Scott had been fighting over custody of their child, and Scott had gotten a protective order against him, although the order was not made permanent.

Jenna Scott stated

“He told me he had killed someone in Oklahoma, but that he was able to cover it up and that he could do the same here in Texas,” Scott’s statement says.

According to her statement, Marks spent part of his childhood in Oklahoma as well.

In August 2018, Marks had been charged with burglary after he allegedly broke into Scott’s house.

FUCKING goodness, I’m getting chills. In regards to Pease, She’s completely disposable to him. Her addiction gave him plenty ammunition to use against her. And the FACT that she disappeared 3 days before her court date in the fight of her life, that tells me something. He wanted a clear cut case to win. And her not showing up for court would do it.

Who has the children?

Addict or not, nobody deserves to be used And tossed aside like garbage. Were Michael and Jenna dating and that’s the reason for their deaths? I know you know he did it right? Come on, who else?

This is getting me so emotional. For 10 years this guy walked the streets. He was a FREE man. Although suspected by many of kidnapping a woman, he basically got away Scott Free.

The saying goes, no body no crime. But I’m appreciating the fact that they’ll be opening up the case regarding Pease and her disappearance. This guy needs to pay.

He shouldn’t have either of these children. He completely destroyed the ENTIRE FAMILY. TAKING AWAY the daughters and their children. Well actually does he have custody of Jennas kid?

Do we have ourselves a serial killer?

I’m completely lost on some things.

Jenna was in Texas when he broke into her home, yet her body was found in Oklahoma.

Although he had told her he’d already killed someone in that state, how did she get there? Had she moved to get away from him? Had he followed her?

Marks was arrested in Michigan. This man really gets around. There’s no hiding place with him.

April Pease was last seen in Minnesota. Not Oklahoma. Who is he talking about?? Has he killed in Michigan?

We have 4 states that we know of that this guy is tied to. He could have bodies everywhere!

Was Mark’s claiming to move with these women to be closer to his children? Is that the lie he told?

If you aren’t familiar with this story, tragic details are included in the protection order filed by Jenna Scott. Read what he was doing to her.

Jenna Scott is no saint. She was arrested before and had some serious issues. BUT SHE’S DEAD. She cannot defend herself and I don’t believe she killed herself even though she has suicidal tendencies. We all can agree that Jenna did NOT bury herself.

Details about the case before recent developments.

Scott’s brother, Talon Scott, said the two had gone to the city to hang out with friends and never returned. Talon Scott also said Swearingin’s phone was found not far from the car.

“His car was found on 12th East Street and they found his phone a block away,” Talon Scott said.

Temple police said they are concerned for Swearingin’s health.

Talon Scott said on Sunday that he fears his sister could be in danger.

“Yesterday was my niece, her daughters birthday,” Talon Scott said. “She didn’t show up. She planned the party. Action needs to be taken fast. We need search dogs.”

Jenna Scott’s family members said they think she is in danger.

“I believe that my sister is being held hostage somewhere,” Talon Scott said. “Time is of the essence. I believe this is a very serious situation.”

Temple police would not say whether Jenna Scott’s ex-boyfriend is a suspect in her and Swearingin’s disappearances.

Cedric Marks family speaks out in an awkward kinda way. More like they are more interested in the historical location that the bodies were dumped rather than the lives themselves. You can view that strange video 😒😒👇👇👇

They were like, yeah we know him.

There is a video where Cedric Marks was on the news. He’s a MMA guy and he’s been giving self defense lessons to women.–482495721.html

Below is Marks current girlfriend Maya Maxwell. I’m certain she told them where the bodies were.

Cedrics current girlfriend