I kinda agree with the boss that she should speak ENGLISH.

If you’re in a restaurant that’s catered to White America, then English is the way to go.

Nah just kidding. Listen, I can’t stand when people speak ANY LANGUAGE around me that I dont understand. It makes me think you’ve got something to hide. Especially if you’re giggling and pointing at me. Lol 🤣🤣😃 it makes me think you’re gossiping about me!! So stop it chica!

In this case, why is she speaking in Spanish? Perhaps she’s more comfortable with that language and the person she was talking to doesn’t have the best English.

I don’t think its right to fire someone for that. But now, what if SHE was being a bitch about it?

Sometimes we have something to prove. Sometimes we want to rebel. Now if any race knows what it’s like to have their language stripped from them, it’s Blacks. We know that shit all too well. When we got to this land we were forbidden to learn anything other than how to work, how to read the bible, and how to speak English. That’s the preferred language here in the US. Everybody knows this. It’s technically the FIRST language. Yes I know what happened to natives that were here before. So in reality their language would be dominant. That’s never Gonna happen. Whites have decided it’s the broken English that we’ll speak and so it was done.

If I spoke another language as my first language, I’d be upset if someone told me that I couldn’t. Especially in The U.S. THIS country boasts about freedom of expression etc, so how can one get fired for speaking their native language? Perhaps it pissed off some white people. Maybe white folks are complaining. And you know they will. They get offended as hell when you don’t speak English. That’s the only reason I can see this manager making such a drastic move.

Look people. English is the preferred choice. Yeah I know it feels like folks are trying to steal your culture away. And yeah, they are. They want you adapt to their culture. They want to make Sure you’re not plotting to kill them. White people are paranoid.

Common sense shows that all languages and ethnicities are welcome here, maybe its a case of when in Rome, do as the Romans do.