Boston, MA – An acupuncturist accused of sexually assaulting a patient in Boston appeared in court Tuesday. But it’s not the first time he was accused of inappropriately touching patients, 5 Investigates has learned.

Qunhao Zhang, who is also known as John Zhang, 51, of Needham, was arraigned on two counts of indecent assault and battery Tuesday, accused of touching a woman in a sexual manner Nov. 23 during an appointment at his Whittier Place office.

5 Investigates requested records from the Board of Registry in Medicine and found two complaints filed against Zhang since he became a licensed acupuncturist in Massachusetts in 2000.

One of those complaints, filed in October 2003, came from a woman who said Zhang touched her inappropriately at her first appointment. The woman said she was unfamiliar with acupuncture and complied with Zhang’s requests when she claimed he told her to remove all of her clothing.

“No gown was offered, but he did give me a sheet,” the woman said in her complaint.

The woman said she covered herself with a sheet and that Zhang removed it several times.

“There were several times that the sheet was removed from my body, leaving me completely exposed,” the complaint continued.

When the treatment was over, the woman claimed that Zhang made inappropriate comments, began to massage her neck and touched her breasts.

“He made intimate comment about my hair and ran his fingers through it. He then began to massage my neck, which proceeded to him putting his hands on my breasts,” she said in the complaint. “Additionally, he put his hands on my crotch and applied pressure.”

She said she told Zhang to stop and he pinched her breast one more time.

“I told him that I wanted to get dressed. He then put the sheet back over my body and then pinched my left nipple,” she said in the complaint.

Zhang responded to the complaint, telling the Board that the woman misunderstood him when he told her to remove clothing.

“I never touched her breasts, let alone nipple or crotch,” Zhang said in a written response to the complaint. “I did push her hair aside to expose Fengchi points on both sides of her neck.”

He also denied ever touching her breasts or touching her inappropriately.

“I can excuse (redacted name) because she is the first-time acupuncture patient,” the written response said. “On the other hand, I blame myself for not explaining or educating her in greater detail.”

Following an investigation, the Board decided not to take disciplinary action, but did issue a “letter of advice,” which advised Zhang to communicate with clients about the procedure and exactly what would happen to eliminate any misunderstanding.

In regards to the November 2018 allegations, 5 Investigates found that Zhang voluntarily agreed to stop practicing acupuncture on Dec. 13. The Board of Registration in Medicine’s Committee on Acupuncture officially voted to accept the agreement last week.

Zhang was released on personal recognizance Tuesday and will return to court in April.


THIS isn’t funny!!! I wanted to try acupuncture but I’m not in the mood for sexual assault. Why can’t these doctors keep their hands off our bodies?!? 😃😃😃🤣🤣🤣🤣 I just went in for a pap the other day and talk about INVASION!!! I’m still feeling violated and I use a female doctor. I can’t even visit male doctors unless they are GAY or hate black women. I’m not feeling safe anywhere.

I’m sorry for laughing. It’s 100% not funny. But did he really pinch her nipple? Then grab her vagina!?! How is this an accident?
I should be disgusted by this and I am, but she was fully naked. I didn’t know you needed to be naked to get acupuncture. She allowed this thing to go on WAY WAY WAY too long. Either this lady is telling the truth or she’s got a vivid imagination AND the hots for her doctor. Did you read what she said happened? This sounded like a love scene. She says AFTER the treatment ends he does even more stuff. Was she uncomfortable? All this breast touching and pinching would have me slapping his face. I wanted to punch the gynecologist for the horrible vile things she did to my body!

These stories tell me that men and women will never be able to Have a true professional relationship. Somebody is always crossing the damn line. Why didn’t she say, WHAT THE FUCK DUDE? You just groped my cooter! The best thing about this story is he’s not practicing anymore. I’m hoping that this lady will question everything next time. If you aren’t sure about something, just ask. If you feel uncomfortable, LEAVE. DON’T stick around to complete the damn treatment.