Mattydale, NY – State Police in North Syracuse have arrested a man accused of raping a woman several times at a home in Mattydale.

Richard Smith, 23, has been charged with Rape, Criminal Sex Act and Criminal Obstruction of Breathing.

Smith is accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with a 20-year-old woman by force on several occasions.

Smith was taken to the Onondaga County Justice Center.

So this story is VERY ODD. The writing is terrible or we just don’t understand what’s being said. How does one get raped on several occasions?

As a child, most definitely I can understand that. Fear, etc…

But as an adult, We’re supposed to understand this as well right?

I’ve been reading that this is a good boy and that its his wife making false allegations against him.

Some claim that he’s a hard working man and that this is totally out of his character. So why was he arrested and charged? Perhaps the police believe the victim. Perhaps it’s just their duty to report.

Several occasions would imply he comes and goes as he pleases and assaults her on some of those visits. Wtf?!?! Hopefully someone can shed some light on this situation.

A few comments that I wanted to display from folks who possibly know what’s going on in this story.

1. First of all these all false accusations being made by his wife, who was mad at him. Second anyone who knows him knows that this isn’t even in his character . He is a hard working young man. So if he looks 23 or 46 it really doesn’t matter he is a great kid.. who is being falsely accused by a pathological liar….and when it’s all over I hope she’s arrested so I can tear her apart on here….
Regardless whether a person is married or not a spouse does not have permission to take sexual advantage of his or her partner. I realize that many years ago a woman could literally call the police to report that her husband had raped her and many people believed that that sort of thing was not possible. People would question the validity of such accusations. I don’t think we should do that. If what the commenters are saying is true, then by all means if it is his wife and she’s making false allegations against her husband because of some petty argument or some way to destroy him or discredit him, then I would hope that she would be punished severely for that. But I believe this allegation should be treated seriously and it should still be investigated regardless of public opinion.