Great article about healthcare in America. The United States needs a complete overhaul when it comes to insurance and ACA Obamacare is NOT the problem.

Healthcare has always been unaffordable. For a family of 5, I literally couldn’t afford it. It was over $600.00 A week to insure my family with the basics. So I took Medicaid. It literally paid to be poor. Working a full time job and trying to do better in life by not being on welfare, but trying to EARN a living and refuse handouts seems like the right thing to do.

Yeah of course it does. Typical Republicans hate the idea of anybody getting something for free. Even children whose parents work very hard to provide a decent living working 2 full time jobs. In this country you need to go into debt for education, and an additional full time job to be able to afford healthcare. Some folks like to brag about how much they spend on things. Well this mom is fed up because she’s doing things the “right” way and its STILL not working. Why? Insurance companies are greedy assholes who don’t give a shit about your life. They don’t care about your health. They want those payments every month and they want to control what type of care you get. This mother featured in this story is trying to make the right decision for her child to control his asthma, but the insurance company is refusing to pay for the necessary treatment. As if asthma is a choice.

Mother knows best is Apparently a thing of the past. Mom has been on the phone trying to sort this mess out.

The only people who can actually do well in this country are the rich. And if you aren’t rich, you are POOR. If you’re using credit cards, taking out mortgages, borrowing in any form or fashion, you are POOR. If you ever worry about money, stress about money, think about money, no matter what you think about what you have, you’re poor. The wealthy don’t have to take into account. They make a choice to budget, they make a habit of NEVER borrowing. Which means, they don’t use credit cards. Warren Buffett never borrowed anything after that $10,000 that he borrowed from a family member, 160 years ago. Lol he literally hats debt. So Do I. The wealthy, They never finance vehicles, they don’t finance their homes. Everything is bought outright with never paying any interest. Paying interest is for the poor man. We need a wake up call. Your poverty created a market for free money. Because of your inability to pay 100%, you are PUNISHED with an extra poor man’s tax. So you pay regular taxes, many of you give 10% to church, then you use credit cards and don’t or can’t pay off your balance in full every month which incurs interest, and you’re financing ALL of your possessions. No wonder we have recessions, no wonder we have so many foreclosures. I have credit cards. I stopped using them because I realized that they were loans. And frankly, I don’t need a loan. I have what I need to take care of my expenses. I used to think credit was fun, but now it’s a damn burden. Another bill. And it’s unnecessary. If you have the income, why are you using credit? Why borrow money when you have the necessary income to pay all your bills? Credit cards are another DEBT. They just add to unhealthy spending habits.

In a perfect situation where families are being frugal and responsible, it’s still insanely expensive to afford healthcare.

There needs to be 2 incomes because the days of the one income household are gone. Men can’t do it on their own unless they are wealthy. Single mothers can’t do it AND try to have someone watch the kids. Daycare is another expense. It’s better not to have kids. I teach my girls, THINK And give account for everything you want in life. Kid’s are wonderful. I had 4. But my goodness, they eat every penny that you earn. I’ve taught them that babies change your life. And they screw up your wallet. Once the kids are here, it’s no point in complaining about how expensive things are. You’re supposed to discuss this BEFORE hand.