Lady Gaga mentions that she herself was victim of sexual abuse. As I mentioned In a blog that talked about Keke Palmer speaking out against him as well, I’m happy to see that Lady decided to follow suit. It’s honestly the right thing to do.

I’m embarrassed for her, but I’m glad that she admitted the mistake. Yikes!! We’ve all been guilty of either second guessing ourselves or giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

We women must stand together.

Gaga states that she was in a very dark place and the song that she did with him reflected those thoughts. She however, doesn’t feel that way today.

SHE plans to remove that song from ITunes.

I feel sorry for every woman who found herself in his grips. Every woman who is stuck between gratitude and hatred. That’s a horrible place to be. I’ve been there. I’m looking forward to more women coming forth.

I do realize that there are those perfect people out there who love the Lord and are made in his image and would never turn their backs on a soul. So we won’t be able to reach those zealots. But… don’t worry about them. To them, R Kelly is a great entertainer who is flawed and needs help. He’s a lost soul just waiting to be rescued. But guys, HE’S FUCKING 51 YEARS OLD!!! How long does it take for this horny ass controlling Negri to get help? When will this old ass fucker reach out and say, HELP ME?!? WELL according to his zombie fans, this beautifully created man with so much talent but fighting against demonic forces has indeed reached out for help. It’s in a damn 45 minute song that this retarded psycho put out a while back. Well I watched 1 minute of the video And he’s SINGING his life’s story. And the comments are disgusting. I couldn’t watch longer because DUH!! EWWW it’s on YouTube if you have 45 minutes of time to care about a pedophile. I don’t.

A sample of some

1. I love you R Kelly

2. He’s beautiful, so much Talent. The devil is busy.

3. God bless you, I’m going to pray for you

4. We love you

5. I love myself some him

6. He looks so young 😍😍

7. He was a victim before he began victimizing. (Yeah cause 2 wrongs make a right and 5+5 =60!

I’m convinced. Women can be DUMB AS FUCK!!! I’m a woman but they are killing me!! I would like to get every woman and girl in the world and shake the ignorance out of them. I can’t have any female friends. I’m tired of dealing with stoopid. (Intentionally misspelled dammit)

I understand youth. I understand young girls, but some of us women are getting too damn old to be this dumb.