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Kennecia Posey blamed the wind for cocaine being in her purse!

On March 21, 2018, police in Fort Pierce, Florida pulled over a swerving car. After the officer smelled marijuana, he conducted a search. One of the passengers, Kennecia Posey, had both cocaine and marijuana in her purse. While she admitted the marijuana was her own, she claimed to know nothing about the cocaine. Her excuse?

“It’s a windy day,” she told officers, “It must have flown through the window and into my purse.”

Man tried to purchase a hotdog with marijuana!

On December 9, 2018, Summerfield resident Danny DeJesus was arrested at a Circle K after he tried to trade a napkin full of cannabis for a hot dog. DeJesus offered the substance to an employee in exchange for the snack, and then the employee took the illicit plant and called 911.

When authorities arrived, DeJesus denied the allegation. He was ultimately charged with selling and distributing of marijuana by the police.

Security officer fired for uploading his farts to Instagram

Known by the pseudonym Paul Flart, a security guard in a Florida hospital saw a video of his farts go viral in 2018. Flart – real name Doug, last name unknown – spent much of his job sitting in the lobby, which he noticed had good acoustics. This inspired him to create an Instagram account to document his farts for about six months. After someone uploaded a compilation of Paul Flart’s farts to YouTube, the video went viral.

Unfortunately, Paul Flart’s boss was less then amused and fired him for his actions. Flart live streamed his firing on Instagram. He wasn’t fired for the fart videos exactly. The issue was he uploaded content on a client’s property while wearing his official uniform.

Despite the setback, Flart is optimistic about his future. He plans to keep making videos using his pseudonym, hoping the gimmick could turn into a sustainable social media career.

A man driving a stolen car had his monkey taken away after he crashed into a ditch

In Holiday, FL, a man was separated from his illegal pet – a Capuchin monkey named Monk – after he was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle. The owner, Cody Blake Hesson, did not have a permit for the animal. Hesson was caught after driving the car into a ditch on June 8, 2018.

Police let Hesson say goodbye to the diaper-wearing Monk before taking him to the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary.

… Florida is one crazy place. No affordable housing, the Chinese buying up all the real estate, Jason’s Deli switching up their ice cream to a cheaper brand, Publix cheating Me out of one piece of chicken when I ordered an 8 piece but they only gave me 7, the Chinese restaurant that has the best chicken wings doesn’t have the best rice. Having to visit 2 Chinese restaurants in order to get the perfect meal, Straightening my hair only to walk outside and the humidity destroy my hard work. This state is savage!! Home crap home.

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