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CNN has learned an arrest warrant was issued over the summer for R. Kelly’s former manager, James Mason, after Mason was accused of threatening to kill the father of Joycelyn Savage, one of the women featured in “Surviving R. Kelly.”

The incident, which allegedly took place in May 2018, was reported by Timothy Savage to Henry County police. Savage claims his daughter is being held against her will by R. Kelly and Mason threatened him for speaking out about it.

Reached by phone Wednesday morning, Mason told CNN he had “no comment” and referred additional questions to his attorney.

In an incident report obtained by CNN, Timothy Savage stated that Mason said, “I’m gonna do harm to you and your family, when I see you I’m gonna get you, I’m going to f***ing kill you.”

The case was presented to a Magistrate Judge who issued a warrant in July, citing “terroristic threats and acts.” The warrant is assigned to the sheriff’s office.

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Joycelyn Savage’s family has claimed she is having a sexual relationship with Kelly, and that she is being manipulated by him into cutting off contact with the outside world.

Her father says they haven’t heard from her in about two years.

She responded to this claim in a video released in 2017, in which she denied she’s being held and that she had been brainwashed by the Grammy-award winning singer.

“I just want everybody to know — my parents and everybody in the world — that I’m totally fine. I’m happy where I’m at and everything is OK with me,” she said in the video.

R Kelly is a wolf. He literally will do whatever it takes to maintain his lifestyle. My issue? If you want to be a whore, why not? Do what you want. But there are laws that are designed to protect our children. They were put in place to keep our kids safe from predators.

Many of you will feel like these girls went with Kelly voluntarily. And you’d be right. I can’t think of any girl who was forced into a vehicle to meet up with him.

I was a teenage girl so I know how we can be. I know many of us want attention. Many of us think we are ready. We think we can handle a grown man. Our curiosity is peeking and we want to know what’s out there. Problem is, these guys are a hell of a lot smarter and craftier than we are. They’ve mastered what it takes to get young girls. They know we are impressed with money and things or at least validation. We wouldn’t dare talk to the little boys in high school because, duh, they are immature. We think we need us a man. MOST girls who think like this are victims of a previous sexual assault. They’ve already been victimized and they are seeking out that attention.

They aren’t doing it consciously. Its not intentional, it’s not deliberate. Its systemic.

So when a guy like Robert Kelly comes along, he can spot these girls a mile a way. How? They are defending him. He knows what he is And he knows that these girls are mentally unstable. They are ultimately defending whoever raped, or molested them as a child. They are still blaming themselves. No rational thinking girl would find Kelly’s behavior acceptable.

And for Kelly, he’s like a kid in the candy store. He has an endless supply of naive gullible little girls that he can toy with.

His EX wife Andrea Kelly is still fan struck by him. She can’t keep him out of her mind nor her mouth. She’s still brainwashed by this dude. Her mouth says one thing publicly but deep down, she’s still wishing she was with him. He got with her when she was 19. Or at least That’s what she said. Truth be told, Andrea doesn’t want to be just one of HIS GIRL’S, she’s proud that she’s THE ONE he chose to marry. What she doesn’t realize is that he chose the dumbest of the dumb to marry.

He CHOSE her ass because she was easy. Abusive men know who to target.

THIS link above is more into the investigation from the families who are saying that their daughters are being held hostage by Kelly. He gets these girls when they are 16-17 and keeps them until they reach legal age. Many of them refuse to leave. Why? All of their needs are met. They are brainwashed and they did it to themselves. Ultimately, THEY Made the choice to go. Many of them lied to their families. All in search of stardom. All in search of fame.

There is a “New” thing going around. Its not new, but these these girls think it’s cute to call a man DADDY. WHERE this shit came from beats the shit out of me. But its NOT cute. There are young boys under 18 requesting that girls call them daddy. Umm really? Are us women and young girls THAT transparent? Do we have it stamped on our heads that we have daddy issues?

Robert Kelly has no problem telling the young girls that he himself was a victim of sexual assault. I think he’s lying out of his stank ass. I think he’s willing to do ANYTHING to justify his actions.

And he’ll say anything to appear relatable. Once he established common ground, these girls drop their guards and eventually their panties.

Mission accomplished.

Who is to blame when a teenage girl runs off to be with a predator? EVERYBODY. She is, The parents are, and most DEFINITELY the predator. The predator lured her away. Her need for rebellion, fame, greed, all contribute to this. Parents who are too busy to check in with their kids are to blame. Unfortunately for one mother who works full time, her daughter admitted that because her mom worked a lot of hours, that gave her the freedom to seek out R Kelly and camp out at his trial. She eventually began to have a sexual relationship with him. She was 15. Just a freshman in high school.

Parents who have a gleam in their eyes for their wonderful talented daughters also caused this. One family claims that they simply wanted R Kelly to do for their daughter what he did for Aaliyahs career. Well, … at the ripe age of 15, hmmm he had sex with her, got her pregnant, married her to cover it up, used her for all of his perverted reasons. Oh yeah, and he helped launch her career. Well anybody who knows this story SHOULD be exercising caution when dealing with a man like Kelly. But nope, some parents basically pimped their daughters out to him and then complained when the bucks stopped.

Robert Kelly doesn’t need help. He’s not a survivor of sexual assault. He’s a FUCKING liar who took the story from his brothers molestation and took it as his own. During his trial, his attorney tried to pin the video on him. The attorney tried to state that it was possibly Robert Kellys brother in the video urinating on the girl. And guess what? Robert never cleared his brothers name. He allowed that public doubt to hover over his sibling.

There’s a phone conversation that one set of parents is having trying to get in contact with their daughter. They speak on the phone with Mason and he gives them a story about how he’s TRYING to make it happen. But he’s telling the Savage family, that there are stipulations that they’d need to agree to in order for him to allow their daughter to speak with them.

Mind you, I’m not an idiot. Their daughter is of legal age. She’s refused to talk to her parents. She claims that she’s where she wants to be. Watch the videos for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Jocelyn claims that her father is lying And knows exactly why she’s with Kelly. She claims that her dad is the reason she’s there in the first place and that there was some sort of agreement that the two men came to.

Should Robert Kelly be facing new charges?

Yeah that’s a long link.

Anyway, this Video is basically a girl pleading with her dad to STOP. She says, STOP IT DAD. She wants him to stop acting like he doesn’t know why she’s there with Kelly. Dad claims he didn’t expect Kelly to keep his daughter that long and didn’t expect to lose contact with her.