So I made a video last night to discuss, ” I CAN’T AFFORD IT and that’s ok”. A friendly chat about admitting when we can’t afford something. It’s totally ok to say “I CAN’T “. I say it all the time when it applies. Watch the video if you have difficulty admitting when you’re in over your head and can’t afford it. Share this video to encourage others that’s it’s ok to live within YOUR means.

I’m enjoying taking the time out to make these sort of videos because you never know who needs to hear your message. You never know who is struggling with feelings of not having enough.

I’ve been feeling pretty good lately about things. Not that I’ve come into any financial fortune, but because I’m looking INWARD. Looking at what’s most important.

Working on omitting the opinions of others is hard work. But its crucial. I discuss my car and how it would be nice to have it fixed but that, I CAN’T AFFORD IT. I discuss many things that I myself will have to go back to and remember to practice what I preach.

Enjoy the video and comment.