He kinda looks like a guy whose mother never approves of ANY of his girlfriend’s. None of them are good enough for her boy. Lol

Michael Peter III is really having a shitty season. He’s 25 years old and spray painting all over buildings.

On Christmas morning, residents at University Apartments on Alafaya Trail found close to 10 swastikas painted on the buildings, in full view of cars.

“This is just somebody that had the wrong thing in their hearts on the best night of the year,” Christopher Miglino, who lives at the complex, said.

The area is located across the street from the University of Central Florida campus.

Hours after the swastikas were first noticed, someone started covering them with wrapping paper and a message of love over hate.

Ill faced a judge for his first appearance on Saturday.

“I have a question sir,” Ill asked the judge, who replied that Peter should ‘exercise his right to remain silent.’

That was very considerate of the judge to inform him of his rights to silence. We wouldn’t want this racist to incriminate himself. After all, he’s a good boy with a wonderful bright future ahead of him.

So from my understanding, the swastika was stolen as a sign of peace and used as a symbol of hate by Hitler. So I guess time will tell as to whether Michael was painting symbols of love and peace around the community or whether he’s a bona fide scum bucket. Keep your eye out for this guy.