A Billings man has been charged after admitting to sexually assaulting a young girl.

Gary Hicks, 23, is charged with five felony counts of child molestation and three counts of statutory sodomy or attempted statutory sodomy.

According to the probable cause statement, Hicks was interviewed by authorities and admitted to having inappropriate sexual contact with a female younger than fourteen on multiple occasions this year.

Hicks admitted to touching the victim inappropriately, having the victim touch him sexually and having the victim perform sexual acts on him.

Hicks is being held in the Christian County Jail and is scheduled to be in court later this month.

Under 14?

So no Dating sites for him to meet someone his equal. These guys love to get young girls and destroy them physically and mentally.

This is about power and control.

But where are the PARENTS?? Where is mom and dad? Why aren’t these parents involved in this child’s life? I’m aware that kids lie. They skip school, basically they do all types of sneaky shit to get away from the judgements of their parents. But come on. He’s been doing this for a while.

Oh wait! Yeah I did that.

Actually the girl is under 10! Apparently he’s been doing this at a home in Billings, Missouri. Whose home I wonder.

He was arrested and given a $30,000 bond and there was no attorney listed for him.