Customer/asshole, Daniel Willis Taylor

Employee/Ass kicker, Yasmine James.

This guy literally got upset that straws weren’t in the lobby. He reaches across the counter and forcefully grabs the young girl and she beats the shit out of him. That’s the good part. Whew she really let him have it. If it were me omg he’d be in the hospital.

I’m trying not to make it about race because it’s a black girl being attacked by a 40 year old white man.

I’ll just let you watch the video. But understand, there’s a lot of anger and hatred that could’ve been in this blog but I’m refraining today because I’m keeping my blood pressure under control. Lol

What this dude did was wrong. Very wrong. You don’t physically assault someone because YOU can’t get your way. Women we need to always fight back. ALWAYS fight back. Good job young lady. I know your daddy is proud.