Yeah folks you heard that right. This church just like the thousands of others are filled with IDIOTS!!

So here’s the story. This “Dickwad” I mean pastor is bragging about how he bought his ever so lovely ghetto fabulous wife a Lamborghini.

This car rings up a price tag of $200,000. Isn’t God good? Look at the wonderful things he’s doing for this phenomenal man of god. NOT!! This dude is nothing more than some ashy lipped fat ass with the gift of words and the skills for entertainment.

He claims that he suffered so much in life and that all he ever wanted to do is make his wife happy. Well sir if it takes a $200,000 car to make your wife happy, that tells me two things.

1. Your dick sucks and your love making is equivalent to being fucked by a Vienna sausage

2. You married a gold digging ho.


Yep that just about sums these two up. You can look at this guy and tell he ain’t shit.

You can make almost anybody look good once you put money in their hands and give them a suit. That doesn’t mean a thing.

This dude was giving his testimony about how he’s struggled in life and how he and his wife lived in a double suite hotel with their children. He complains about having lived in AIR BNB for a long time and not having a stable home.

Hey can somebody please tell the overweight lover that there are over 125,000 HOMELESS people in California. Those people are sleeping in their car. Those children are taking sink baths in their local McDonald’s restrooms, sleeping by day in the parks. Their parents can’t afford rent even though they work a full time job. Of course that doesn’t matter to this greasy maggot because GOD is looking out for his own. These homeless people in California who just lost their homes in the wild fire of ALL California wild fires are so happy for him and the work that GOD is doing in his life.

I mean how dare god actually help these folks when he’s got a miserable wife who desperately needs a new car? God can’t possibly be in more than one place at a time. So he is careful. He takes care of those who are in desperate need of a LAMBO.

AND don’t get me started on the dumb sheep in the congregation. Omg these people can probably not afford to pay their bills. They don’t have savings accounts. Probably caught the bus to church. Tithe faithfully, but yet they are so excited for their man of god, while they remain in poverty.

Honestly these people get what they deserve. If you allow yourself to fall for the con artist bullshit, then you are not a victim. You are an enabler.

I’m all for hard work. My hubby works hard and he’s an amazing man. He’s also NOT a con artist with a gift of gab. It doesn’t take a fancy car to be happy. And people who need to drive really expensive cars are basically telling the world that you have absolutely no value outside of the clothes you wear and the car you drive. That tells me that you have no substance. That tells me that you are void and shallow. You can blame it on god if you like. Yea go ahead and tell yourself and try to convince others of how blessed you are. But in reality, you’re just a clown who puts on a show for a bunch of brainwashed children who refuse to think for themselves.

Am I jealous? No. I have my lot in life and its what I Worked for. Preaching is NOT work. It’s teaching an overrated message that’s been taught for years about a God who doesn’t exist. If you think that’s work, continue to give to your local tax exempt church. 😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😉

Guys I can’t do this today. This family is hilarious.

This church is called RELENTLESS CHURCH.

Let’s look at some words that are adjectives.
burdensome, unjustly harsh, or tyrannical: an oppressive king; oppressive laws. causing discomfort by being excessive, intense, elaborate, etc.: oppressive heat.
This is the definition of RELENTLESS

oppressively constant; incessant.
“the relentless heat of the desert”
harsh or inflexible.
  • “a patient but relentless taskmaster”

    Yep this sounds exactly like what I’m looking for in my life.
    Somebody sign me up. I’m looking for a harsh task master to rule my life. 😑😑

    Seems to me that this pulpit pimp bought his wife a ” HUSH CAR”. LOOKS like a move that Kobe Bryant made when he bought his wife That Lambo. Its the kind of thing a man does when he knows he’s fucked up and needs to prove to his naive wife that he’s so sorry for his transgressions.
    Can you say, ENTITLEMENT?
    THIS is what it looks like.
    “Gimme, I deserve it, Why shouldn’t I have it, It’s gods will”, I’m a child of the most high, I’m highly favored, god wants us to be rich.” Yeah sure.Close your mouth son.