Ok so just in case you haven’t read this story or heard anything about it because it’s very old, I’ll update you real quick.


There’s a lady named Denise Williams. She was married to a guy named Michael. Michael disappeared 18 years ago. There was a huge investigation into his disappearance. Michael apparently had gone on one of his regular duck hunting trips. This was a passion of his. Well, living in northern Florida at this time of year, it was quite chilly outside. Michael also hunted in a swampy area that’s known to have many alligators present.

When he didn’t return that night, his wife decides to get help in locating him. He wasn’t located therefore a search party was formed. During the search it was determined that he possibly was eaten by alligators. His boat was eventually located in the swampy lake, although they didn’t find any of his personal belongings. They assumed that he was eaten by gators. They guessed that he’d fallen out of the boat and couldn’t recover fast enough before the attack.

There were key elements missing.

No body, no body parts, no nothing. Just a boat.

What no one knew at the time is that Michael had a best friend. And this Best friend was sleeping with his wife. And had been for quite Some time. Also nobody thought much about the nearly 2 million dollar insurance policy that his loving wife had taken out on him. You see where this is going right?

Around 6 months after he goes missing. The same areas where the search team had searched before began to yield evidence.

A wet suit, fishing cap, fishing license, flash light. That’s great news right? No it wasn’t.

EVERY item found had been in 19 degree murky waters for 6 months and everything was in tact. No holes, no damage to the wet suit, fishing license was floating on water. Flashlight still worked well. Those were not the conditions to get THIS kind of evidence. Basically somebody planted it there. Was it the wife or the lover?

Fast forward, the wife used the collected ( PLANTED) evidence to officially declare her husband dead. She later marries the best friend. SHE collects the insurance money.

Well 18 years later she’s found guilty of his murder.

Shes also regretting that she married the friend because he’s been kicking her ass and treating her like shit. Surely she deserves this though. She tried to leave her new guy and he threatened to kill her. Isn’t that karma at it’s best?

Read the link above for more details. I’m happy that they finally got her.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A Florida woman was found guilty Friday night for her role in the murder 18 years ago of her first husband.

After eight hours of deliberation, a Leon County jury convicted 48-year-old Denise Williams of all three charges against her. She faces life in prison for conspiracy to commit murder, first-degree murder and accessory after the fact for masterminding and concealing a wicked plot to free her from the marriage and collect nearly $2 million in life insurance money.

The guilty verdict brings closure to the nearly two-decade-long mystery of what happened to Mike Williams, a 31-year-old father and real estate appraiser when he went missing Dec. 16, 2000.

“We got justice for Michael,” his mother, Cheryl Williams, told Assistant State Attorney Jon Fuchs moments after the three guilty verdicts were read by Leon Circuit Judge James Hankinson.

Denise Williams remained emotionless, as she had during four days of testimony. The verdicts came two days shy of 18 years to the day that Mike Williams was murdered.