Orlando, Florida

We have a right to freedom of speech. But when you’re in law enforcement, you shut your mouth publicly and keep your stupid opinions to yourself.

This President has made every racist scumbag all of a sudden get a set of balls.

Robert Schellhorn for one who is working with OPD, Orlando Police department made a series of racist statements regarding football players who kneel during the national anthem. Basically he called them useless Savages. He also referred to them as thugs.

Orlando police officer Robert Schellhorn was found to have violated the department’s social media policy after several questionable posts.

The State Attorney is now asking her office to take a closer look into cases in which he is a witness.

“It’s very alarming that Schellhorn, one, is still on the streets and being a detriment to our community and to our State Attorney’s Office. How can we ensure he isn’t going to be biased?” said T.J Legacy-Cole, a community activist.

The events are unfolding after a series of racially charged Facebook posts last summer sparked an internal investigation for Schellhorn.

He was found in violation of the Orlando Police Department social media policy, referring to athletes who kneel during the national anthem as “overpaid thugs” and the people they protest for as “useless savages.”

In June, a citizens review board called for his termination.

State Attorney Aramis Ayala is calling for a cautious review of any case packet in which Schellhorn is listed as witness, supervisor consultation regarding its credibility, and in cases where he is the sole witness, mandatory State Attorney or chief assistant approval.

“Kudos to the State Attorney for sticking to her promise to fight for justice and truth,” Legacy-Cole said.

As one of several people who filed citizen complaints against Schellhorn, Legacy-Cole says this is a step in the right direction.

Aramis wrote, “(Schellhorn’s) conduct raises doubt as to his ability to produce affidavits free from personal prejudices, particularly with respect to race and sexual orientation,” also adding, “while under oath, Officer Schellhorn admitted that he has a bias against those who express and hold liberal views.”

Legacy-Cole says he wants the State Attorney’s Office to enact this measure for any officer suspected of the same behavior.

And rightfully so. Discrimination against people who are liberal is just dumb. And of course he’d totally assume that all blacks or people of color are Democrats. What a moron.