Minneapolis, MN – A 75-year-old woman is being evaluated to determine if she’s competent to stand trial in the shooting of her grandson.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, 75-year-old Helen Washington allegedly shot her grandson during an argument about putting teacups on her furniture.

The incident allegedly happened on Oct. 12 at Washington’s home.

Officials say the victim was at his grandmother’s house having tea when the two began to argue over where he was putting his glass.

Authorities say Washington took the tea, poured it out of the cup, and went to get a gun, an unnamed minor told investigators.

That minor said when Washington came back, the victim had another glass of tea in hand and put it on the table.

The two allegedly began arguing again, and at this time Washington allegedly pulled out a gun and shot her grandson in the leg, according to officials.

Authorities recovered a gun loaded with five rounds inside the home. A single round had already been fired, according to authorities.

Washington is reportedly due to make her next court appearance on Dec. 18.


Talk about spilling the tea!!!! 😁😁😂😂omg imagine that. That child must’ve been totally lost and just had some kind of confidence that grandmom wouldn’t shoot her precious little man. But nope. Granny ain’t no joke. Maybe this was her way to keep from babysitting the kids.

Or maybe granny is pissed because he didn’t use a coaster. You know you gotta use a coaster for drinks. You can’t just go sitting your cups on the table all Willy nilly. And this is an old black lady too? Is he crazy? Everybody know, you don’t step off that plastic runner, you don’t walk inside the house without wiping your feet, you don’t get in grown folks business. And you certainly do not put a tea cup on grandmoms sofa.

I’m not blaming the victim here. It’s OBVIOUS that this was his first time having tea. This story is a case of a tea party that almost turned deadly. And unfortunately for granny, she won’t be having tea parties for a long time.