THIS is why I dont get massages.

Pennington, NJ – A Mercer County massage therapist has been arrested for allegedly touching a female client inappropriately during a session.

Forty-year-old Asmar Berry is accused of touching the woman while working at Renewed Spa Massage in Pennington last month.

Berry is now facing several charges, including sexual assault which carries up to 10 years in prison.

The Clementon man has been released pending his next court appearance.

The Mercer County prosecutor’s office says the investigation is ongoing….

Guys I’m telling you, this is a bad deal. It’s too intimate. I wrote a blog about the franchise Massage Envy and their therapists who’ve been accused of inappropriate touching. Its MASSAGE!! I need it, you need it. But I’m telling you, it’s bad business for a lot of people. Regardless of your position. As the masseuse you have to deal with highly sensitive clients who might be looking to start shit (get a lawsuit). Or you could deal with the client who is flirtatious and you’d have to be extra professional. You could also be the innocent client who got stuck with the pervert who can’t seem to control where his hands end up.

I just purchased a mini vibrating thingy to help with tension in my neck. I’d love to go somewhere and get all greased up and rubbed down, but just my damn luck, I’ll have to blog a story about what happened to me. I’m not in the mood to have to join #metoo.