Bucks County, PA – The girlfriend of a man accused of throwing homemade bombs while driving around Philadelphia suburbs earlier this year has now been charged in connection to the blasts.

Tina May Smith, 31, was arrested last week on more than four dozen criminal counts, including conspiracy to possess or manufacture a weapon of mass destruction, reckless endangerment and related offenses.

Officials say she helped her long-time boyfriend, 30-year-old David Surman Jr, distribute and detonate the improvised explosives that accounted for a spate of blasts in a rural part of Bucks County, starting in early April.

The bombs were mostly detonated in sparsely populated areas at night. No injuries were reported.

Surman was arrested on June 28 on charges of possessing a weapon of mass destruction and reckless endangerment, after a raid on his Milford Township home and his chemical company, Consolidated Chemicals and Solvents, turned up makeshift explosives, among them black, round bombs looking like something out of a comic book.

Law enforcement officials were led to Surman after his girlfriend’s SUV was spotted by a state trooper speeding away from the site of a blast in mid-June, reported Philadelphia Inquirer.

Surman is suspected of detonating 30 bombs at seven sites around his hometown. He also has a separate child pornography case pending against him.

On Tuesday, Bucks County District Attorney Weintraub issued a warning to local residents to be on the lookout for additional bombs that have failed to blow up, reported Lehigh Valley Live.

‘This is more an FYI than an SOS,’ Weintraub said in a statement. ‘Nonetheless, we will continue to do our best to protect you by working hard to find any unexploded devices that may remain. If you find something suspicious, please do not investigate it on your own. Call 911.’

Around the time of Surman’s arrest, authorities released pages from notebooks seized from his home that featured a collage depicting a woman driving him in a black Ford Explorer as a cartoonish bomb explodes in the distance.

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So what in the hell was the point of this? Luckily nobody got hurt, but what’s the point of spending your life behind bars over homemade bombs that never hurt anybody?

They didn’t harm a fly more than likely and you know they are going away for a long time. This is one of the dumbest crimes I’ve ever seen.