Waukegan, IL – Waukegan police arrested a local woman and charged her with murder last week following an incident they described as “domestically charged” that ended with her allegedly striking and killing her boyfriend with a vehicle.

Arrested and charged with one count of first -degree murder was Alfie Abston, 39, of Waukegan, who was held in lieu of $3 million bail, according to a statement released Monday by Waukegan police.

Also on Monday, Lake County Coroner Dr. Howard Cooper identified the victim in the Friday morning hit-and-run incident as 41-year-old Mark Bernard of Waukegan.

According to Cooper, a preliminary autopsy report indicates Bernard died of multiple traumatic injuries and blunt force trauma. Routine toxicology reports are pending.

“The investigation into his death is ongoing by our office and the Waukegan Police Department,” Cooper said in a statement, and efforts are continuing to contact the victim’s family.

“Anyone with any information on Mr. Bernard’s family should contact us immediately at 847-377-2200,” Cooper said. ““This is truly a tragedy, and we would appreciate the public’s help in this matter.”

The statement issued by Waukegan police early Monday reported that investigators recovered the vehicle believed to have been used in the hit-and-run Friday at 6:47 a.m. near Washington and Genesee streets.

The statement added that officers with Waukegan’s Criminal Investigation Division arrested Abston on the same day of the incident, at around 11:20 a.m.

“Based on the investigation, detectives believe that a verbal altercation between Abston and the Bernard escalated to Abston striking Bernard with her vehicle,” the statement said. “Abston then fled the scene.”

According to the statement, Abston and Bernard were involved in a “long-term” relationship.

Abston is scheduled to appear in court again on Nov. 1.

Some men bring out of crazy in you and sometimes women arrive in the relationship already crazy.

At first glance, home girl looks a lil cuckoo. But when you think about it, in reality looks don’t matter. Actions do. What kind of person hits someone with their car and drives off? She left him there to die and that’s fucked up. I’ve got people in my past who deserve this and believe me, they are scum of the earth.

I can understand hitting someone with your car in an effort to avoid danger and you’re running for your life, but… this must not be the case. Both of these people have family. And she will go to prison for murder. Regardless of how emotional or upset you are, you have to find a way to deal with your rage. And if this guy was toxic, she should have just left the relationship and moved on.